Zombie Apocalypse, GO!

zombiebiteZombie Apocalypse! AHHHHHH. It fills most of us with dread, and some of us with excitement! But we can all talk big on social media about what we would do if zombies ever attacked. “I would be like Daryl from The Walking Dead!” That’s just talk, right? It’s easy to say “If zombies came in right now, I’d blow their f*cking heads off.” But really, what I want to do here is discuss what we would really be like if zombies started walking the earth?

Me? If zombies barged into my house right now, I would most likely get bitten and change, but I would put up a good fight in the process. I would be terrified, but I know I would put up a fight because I had a dream the other night that a zombie was attacking me, and I woke up swinging. It was then I realized I would go down fighting. Up until that point I swore I would be the type to kill myself if zombies ever became a thing. True story, I know myself (or thought I did) and zombies terrify me to the point that I would probably take my life.

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6 comments on “Zombie Apocalypse, GO!
  1. Eeeek! That picture drew me in and also disgusted me when I saw it.

    I know that to some people they truly believe that zombies will come about–I don’t. I’d attack…I would get a knife, anything and I would attack. From what I see… most zombies walk with a limb, they act rabid, but honestly, they’re weak. Pull an arm out of its socket and you’ve got a weapon there.

    Them turning me is NOT an option. 😉

    • Oooooo, at some point they would get you my friend, they would! hahahaha. You don’t think it will happen? I’m sure it would be easy to engineer and weaponize. Well, easy if you knew how to do that maybe. I don’t 😛

  2. Nicole Fretwell says:

    After getting over shock I would fight. Then make a pits top at a pharmacy raid breathing meds and all around antibiotics and then head out to sea with provisions of course.

  3. Deb says:

    Well, the “plan” is to pack up and make for Tennessee where my best friend (and her husband and his gun collection) are. In reality, I’m probably going to get bitten, but I will fight like hell before I die and rise again.

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