Youtube Funny Videos are a blessing!

There’s nothing I love more than procrastinating when I should be writing watching really funny videos. Why is it when someone gets hurt you have this horrible desire to laugh? I mean, not in a mean way, but when they are doing something really stupid and get hurt, or trying to hurt someone else and they get hurt? That is some of the best funny videos in my opinion! And there’s nothing better than a person getting instant karma when they are being an asshole!

Now I will say, I honestly hope these people didn’t sustain any real damage. And boy, that guy with the cactus screams like a freaking pig! I’m sorry, forgive my while I wipe the tears from my eyes!

All you can ask yourself is WHY do some people do these things? Don’t they know they are going to get hurt? THEY are the reason we have emergency rooms!

The best part of these funny videos is I can totally see some of these things happening to me if I ever tried the same things. That’s just my luck. So enjoy, and why not share some of your thoughts on these videos too?

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