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It’s something we all hate, the one star reviews. Rest assured, if you are going to write, you are going to get some bad reviews. While I would love to sit here and down those people who write the bad reviews, I won’t, because they bring something to the table. As one of my friends has said, she pays as much attention to the bad reviews as she does the good reviews. Why? Well, that’s what we are going to discuss in this writing help segment: negative reviews.

Five and four star reviews are great! It’s what I live for! I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t feel a little down when I read a one star review, but I’m getting better with it. I used to be so upset at negative reviews that I wanted to just toss in the towel. That’s absurd. You will have people who don’t like your book, and you will have people who delight in giving bad reviews (sometimes without even reading the book). This is something you will hear from tons of artists, and something I’ve heard tons of times: develop a thick skin. It’s true. You can’t let the reviews bother you, but you can learn from them.

Yes, you can even learn from the one star reviews (well, not all of them). I’ve seen repeated in many reviews that at times my writing was confusing, they didn’t know the age of the characters, they didn’t know what they looked like, at one point they didn’t even know the sex of the character (that one I caught with a beta read). So what do I do? I make sure I eliminate as much confusion as I can, describe characters and scenes better (and in a way where they know if it’s a guy or a girl).

The point is, you aren’t going to write your most amazing book the first time around (with some exceptions). Writing is learning, it’s growing, and it’s implementing what you learn from one book to the next so you can become a better artist. You learn from reviews as much as you can get sales from reviews.

However, there are some reviews you can’t really do anything about. For instance one of my reviews gave my book a five star and said they loved their new kindle. -.-

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