Why I Hate Trying New Things

Hi, I’m Travis, and I’m a creature of habit.

I hate trying new things. Why? Because I like so many things already that why would I want to miss out on my love of that to try something I might not like as much? I love Chalupas, why buy a burrito I might not like from Taco Bell when I already know I love Chalupas? I love Chinese food. Why risk missing out on Chinese just to try a new burger joint?

Since I was a kid, there have been several things I’ve never really strayed from. When I go to the store and grab a bag of chips to munch on while I’m in the car they are almost always Doritos. When I buy a candy bar, it’s a Snickers. When I buy a soda, it’s a diet Pepsi. When I buy a sub, it’s always a ham and cheese. I may, on occasion, stray to something else, but it’s very rare.

And trying new things hasn’t really turned out in my favor. I’ve tried being adventurous (as I call it). I tried straying from the 3 types of wine I love and find even more wines that I like, but it ended in failure. A Meade wine I tried was deplorable, and a harvest blend that sounded good tasted disgusting. That was a waste of wine! I didn’t drink it, when I know I would have finished any of the three kinds I love.

Just recently I went into Price Chopper (our local grocery store) and saw that they are now making sourdough bread. I love sourdough bread, but I’ve never had their sourdough bread. I figured, this is going to be great, I will forgo getting two loaves of their peasant bread (that I love) and make my BOGO bread sale one peasant and one sourdough.


Their dough was worse than sour, it tasted like I had just mopped up vinegar with the bread. I couldn’t finish it. It just affirmed in my mind why I don’t try new things! It’s often a waste of money. Don’t try to talk sense to me by saying “well, you had to try something new once to figure out you liked the peasant bread.” The way I find new things? Typically someone will say “here, I have this red wine that you might like.” So, I take a drink of their wine, and if I like it, I ask the brand. I don’t waste my own money on it because then I know it’s bound to be a failure.

Today while out shopping I did try something new. I got a burrito supreme from Taco Bell rather than a Chalupa. I liked it, but it wasn’t as good as a Chalupa.


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2 comments on “Why I Hate Trying New Things
  1. Clara Bush says:

    This post made me laugh so hard. And I needed to laugh. Thanks. Taco Bell Chalupas are the best! When I was getting my masters, I lived on these divine eats.

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