Weaving Magic in your Books

Today I have with me the talented Elizabeth Mueller who has let me borrow a post she wrote back in 2011 that some of you might find helpful. If you’re a fantasy author, or even write paranormal, you have to understand that even though your world is filled with magic, there should be some rules and regulations that you adhere to. You can’t just expect the readers to suspend all belief for your story. When you write fantasy you create a standard of rules for your universe, and if you go breaking them, your reader won’t be happy! Now, I will let Elizabeth take it away!

Magic Powers in your MC

Today we are writing about magic and the rules for usage. You can read what the Fantastic Friday Writers think think of this as well: Deirdra Eden Coppel, Alex J. Cavanaugh, Anastasia V. Pergakis, and J.D. Brown!

I like free-range kinda magic. It would be as easy as doing a karate chop or a round house kick. I apply that same technique to my characters. I don’t do Eragon kind of magic where the user “borrows” from their surroundings–for me, that’s limiting. It’s like being solar powered, there’s only so much and so deep you can go on borrowed energy.

I’ve written 2 books that have magic in them. My high fantasy Tragic Innocence (yes, the name sounds like a soap opera, but it’s just a Band Aid title), my heroine has the ultimate power once she realizes it’s within her reach. All she has to do is believe in herself and the gift is hers.

In my Paranormal Romance Darkspell, Winter achieves hers when she hits 18. Not even the evil that stalks her can compare–that’s why he tries to make her his queen. I do give Winter’s love interest limited power as his talent will allow, but he doesn’t “borrow” or deplete unless beaten like  normal person in a losing fist fight to another magic user.

I base it to real life: if you’re a skilled fighter, you win, if you are wimpy, you lose. If you are skilled with magic, you win, if you’re wimpy, you lose–but I have a discrepancy that separates this concept from fists. It is the ability of using your brain. So my magic users are mathematical geeks to an extent, like playing Chess.

Strategy strategy strategy.

How do you weave your magic?

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2 comments on “Weaving Magic in your Books
  1. Thanks for letting me take over your blog! :) It’s been a while since I’ve written anything with magic in it, maybe it’s high time. What do you think?


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