Ways female armor can kill

We’ve all seen it, and most of us scoff at it, but it’s always there in new, sexist ways. I’m sure there are many adolescent boys out there who get a thrill whenever they equip some new and degrading armor to their female toons, but let’s face it, is it really even armor? Try equipping the same armor to a male and it’s FULL COVER, but for some reason, the same exact gear loses all its’ shit when it comes to a woman.

You’re a warrior woman, you’re job is to fight and kill! You should have some armor you can rely on, not a g-string that wouldn’t protect you against an STD if you accidentally rubbed up against someone!

female armor

About the only thing this armor has going for it is that no one would ever truly expect you to function as anything but a stripper. That could be good, because your target would probably be laughing their ass off at you, or making plans for later. In that case, it’s a great strategical move, because then you can shove that dainty little sword through his chest and watch him choke on his blood!

But honestly, what is that armor going to do for you? Folks, swords are sharp. They poke you in some pretty lethal ways. You’re going to want something to cover yourself up. Blacksmiths, women aren’t going to the freaking mall, they are going to BATTLE. They are going to KILL people! You might get your jollies off thinking of some buxom blonde in that armor, but she’s going to be dead almost as soon as she puts the armor on! I can imagine if I were a woman, I would want armor that was longer than my lady bits. I wouldn’t expect my HAIR to afford me better coverage than my armor. Unless it’s enchanted to cover me completely with stone-like skin, I would expect something less revealing. I wouldn’t want to have to worry about feeling bloated and self-conscious while I’m in battle!

This is a PSA. Please, protect your female warriors as if they have balls! The armor men wear don’t have to be  turned into pasties for women! They deserve the same level of protection, no matter how much you wanna see their boobies!

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