Urban Legends: Charlie Charlie Challenge

Thanks to the awesome people on my Facebook author page for giving me an idea to write columns on urban legends. Today I’m choosing this ridiculous new urban legend called the Charlie Charlie Challenge.

So apparently this Charlie Charlie Challenge is where you put two pencils on a piece of paper to summon a demon. Is it really THAT easy to summon a demon? I bet all of the ancient magicians who have elaborate tomes of formulas and potions and chants they have to follow in order to summon a demon are pretty pissed right now that they wasted so much time!

And really, that’s it. Kind of boring. He can answer yes or no, so you better not ask Charlie Charlie open ended questions since that’s apparently beyond his demonic powers to answer.

But what’s really at play behind the Charlie Charlie Challenge? GRAVITY! YAY. I mean, let’s face it, you’re putting two pencils on top of one another and you’re surprised when they move! From LiveScience we see “Trying to balance one pencil upon another results in a very unstable system,” said Christopher French, head of the anomalistic psychology research unit at the University of London in the United Kingdom. “Even the slightest [draft] or someone’s breath will cause the top pencil to move.”

But if you’re not having any of the science stuff, let’s take a look at some horror stories that go along with the Charlie Charlie Challenge.

Terrifying, I know! So, have you don the Charlie Charlie Challenge? If so, I’d love to hear your results. What’s that? am I going to do it? Are you out of your fucking mind lol. I may believe it’s gravity, but knowing my luck it wouldn’t be and I’d have some hellbeast on my ass!

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2 comments on “Urban Legends: Charlie Charlie Challenge
  1. Clara Bush says:

    Hi Travis,

    This is a great idea. I love the urban legend idea. And I’m with you. No way am I trying this. I’ve encountered too many real spooks in my life to go out of my way to summons one cause it’s fun! Don’t want to push my luck. Great post!

    • I know right? When I was younger there was all kinds of weird shit that happened around me, so I’m not so daring. I may not think it does anything but there’s always that chance! lol

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