Top 5 Reasons I’m Happy to be a Muggle

So last week I looked at the top five reasons I wished I was a wizard. It all boils down to the fact that I’m really not meant to be a muggle. I have a wild imagination and I’m sure that I would be pretty freaking amazing with a magic wand! Rockin’ it Harry Potter style! Though, according to Facebook quizzes, I would totally be in Slytherin. Anyway, I digress.

With all the reasons I want to be a wizard, there are just as many reasons I’m so glad I’m a muggle!

#1 Umbridge, Umbridge, Umbridge

UmbridgeYou know her kind in real life. They are the brown nosers, the ones that have to be the teacher’s pet, and they think they are just in all of their actions. They are the bigots, and the haters. There’s nothing savory about these people. They love to hurt others. Now, just imagine them with magic. Oh, wait, we don’t need to because . . . well, there’s Umbridge!

#2 dementors

So, yea, almost as bad as Umbridge is the floating death-like creatures known as dementors. Now, this is supposing that I’m in the Harry Potter Universe. There’s all possibility that I wouldn’t be in the Harry Potter Universe, but, wherever I ended up they would probably have something just as ghoulish as dementors. They need something to police and scare people with, right? Some kind of justice for being bad. With magic, their justice could be so much more horrible than what we could imagine!

#3 backfiring spells

Harry PotterI’m a klutz at the best of times. I tend to speak fast and not fully enunciate. If they are speaking spells, I’m finished! I would be like Seamus and always blow things up! I wouldn’t be able to do very good at all, and I would probably have to practice my spells in front of a mirror or something. I just know that I would be the wizard that no one wanted casting around them.

#4 keeping it secret!

Hot damn! Can you imagine how awesome-sauce it would be to be a wizard? You know all these things no one around you probably will, and you have to keep that secret? How? I would have the hardest time with that. There’s a reason I’d be in Slytherin, and that’s because I would totally hex anyone that ticked me off.

#5 magic is might last one is a little sobering. You have to imagine that if there was magic, there would be people just as evil as the purebloods, and that they would think they were better and others weren’t. We’ve seen this through history with the “supreme race” and pretty much any other class/race of people who were thought to be lesser. In Harry Potter, we saw what that would look like on a magic level, and for that reason alone I’m glad I’m a muggle. I could take the Umbridge and the dementors, I mean I could just hex her and patronus them, but the magic is might mentality. No thanks!



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