Thoughts on Indiana and “Religious Freedom”

Religious Freedom in Indiana

Let me start by saying I don’t like to think poorly of anyone because of their beliefs. I don’t subscribe to any one religion personally, and I really don’t care what religion (if any) anyone else is. I don’t feel as though it’s my neigbors business what I do in my home, and as long as it isn’t harming anyone, I don’t care what Billy Jo Bob down the street is doing either. It’s not my business what his life is like. It’s not my responsibility to make sure he’s living to the standards I’ve set for myself. And it sure as hell isn’t my right to dictate how any other human being lives their own life.


So when Indiana passed the Religious Freedom bill, I was a little bewildered. Yes, I don’t think this kind of business has anything to do with politics. Personally, if a business wants to drive away money just because they can’t get over their own hangups, then so be it. I don’t feel you go into business to push your beliefs anyway. I don’t ask the owner if they are Christian, Straight, Muslim, or Jewish when I enter their establishment, and I can’t imagine them asking me what I do in the privacy of my own home, or who I prefer to date.

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Last night I shared a post by one of my favorite authors saying they would not be going to any events in Indiana because they didn’t want to make their LGBT fans have to deal with that level of discrimination. There was a lot of support for their decision, and there was a lot of trolling as well. At first I was really happy and on the wagon to ban Indiana . . . until I started thinking and looking at the other side of it. Yes, money talks, and where you spend your money will speak volumes. But there are a good many people in Indiana who don’t support this bill. There are even gays and lesbians in Indiana. And I know this bill doesn’t single out LGBT. It can really be used as a weapon to allow an establishment to refuse service to anyone they want, based on their religious ideals.

So, back in the day there was a sticker that businesses could place on their door that pretty much said gays were welcome there. It was nifty. It was a way of showing the community that you cared about them, and you didn’t care what they were about, they were welcome. It’s astonishing to me that we need to even talk about this again, but maybe the way forward isn’t to boycott Indiana, but to spend your money in those places that welcome gays and lesbians. Those places that are havens for anyone, no matter. Those places that don’t let bigotry form their business model.

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There are people who work and live in Indiana and love the state. Taking away jobs and money from the state is harming all of those people who don’t agree with the bill. So, in punishing those select few people who will use the bill to uphold their values, you’re punishing thousands of others who don’t agree with it. Think about it.

And BTW, if you’re LGBT, you’re welcome on my site 😀

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