This Man

I’m very happy that you voted for This Man last week, because I’m am just so enthralled with him. The bad part of This Man is that there’s very little known about him. That might be the reason I love his tale so much!


There’s no real way to know when people started dreaming of This Man. No one knows his name, but he’s called “This Man” because people will say “I’ve seen this man,” or “I’ve dreamed of this man.” If you have ever dreamed of him, or if you ever dream of him, you will be in the company of some 2000 recorded people around the globe who dream about This Man.

In 2006 a patient of a psychiatrist draws the image of This Man on a sheet of paper. The patient has had reoccurring dreams of This Man. She doesn’t know him, but he gives her advice on her private life. The paper lies on the desk for a while, mostly forgotten until another patient sees the drawing and recognizes the man from her dreams. The psychiatrist sends the picture around to some of his colleagues who have patients that experience reoccurring dreams. Within a short amount of time, four other patients from other psychiatrists recognize This Man from their dreams.

The important thing to mention here is that This Man isn’t anyone they’ve ever seen in real life. He exists only in their dreams. So why does he come? Most often he is helpful, or a lover, or someone they trust. Only a few people have ever experienced him being violent toward them, and in those cases his violence has helped wake them from a terrible dream, so in a sense he’s still helping them.

There’s nothing that ties these people together save dreaming of This Man. Who the hell is he?

This Man


There’s a varied amount of theories that surround This Man. Like most dreams, I assume his presence is up to the interpretation of the dreamer.

ARCHETYPE – Some people believe that he’s just an archetype that belongs to a collective unconscious and he crops up in times of hardship or stress. This means you would have to believe that all people are connected through one universal consciousness, which would explain some things….

RELIGIOUS – Other people believe that this is a representation of God in their dreams, and that his advice should be followed to the letter.

DREAM SURFER – There are some people that believe This Man is a kind of dream surfer who is a living person that can enter other people’s dreams at will.

DREAM IMITATION – This says that people are only seeing This Man in their dreams because they’ve become so impressed with him image that they will dream about him.

DAYTIME RECOGNITION – This tells us that people have seen him in real life, but they don’t remember seeing him until they dream about him and focus is placed on him.

The last two theories are pretty scientific and would probably make the most sense except for the fact that it isn’t just a couple people dreaming about him in a general location, but instead thousands of people all over the world. If they are seeing him in real life, he must have a lot of frequent flyer miles stocked up!

The dream imitation theory would make sense if people hadn’t been dreaming of This Man before ever seeing him in a picture or on the internet.

This Man


The most interesting point of any weird thing is hearing of firsthand encounters. This is very true for This Man. All of the information I’ve brought to you today is an abridged version of what can be found on the This Man website. If you go there, you can read all of the dreams people have submitted over the years. There’s also a Facebook group here.

“I have had this recurrent dream for some years now. A tall, dark man shows me a picture and asks me if I can recognise my father in it. The man in the picture is this man I have never seen before, he looks nothing like my dad, nevertheless I inexplicably answer that I do recognize my father. At this point I usually wake up feeling very peaceful. Other times the dream continues, I am standing before my father’s grave, I place some flowers on the ground and I realise the photograph on the tombstone is missing.”

I dreamt this man was in my mirror watching me, saying nothing, and he was wearing glasses. He never moved the entire time I saw him, he was like a statue, so still.”

I have seen this man in 3 completely different dreams. He was slightly different from the picture, but I recognized him immedialely. He appeared suddenly and disappeared in the same manner. His message in all 3 of my dreams was:” It’s all over”. That was repeated 3 times in each dreams. The differences in the picture and the man in my dreams are: his hair was a little longer in the top; his eyebrows were not as bushy. Other than that, he is identical. I had no fear of him, but many questions.”

Have you ever had dreams of This Man? I’d love to hear your encounters! Leave your thoughts in the comments below and lets chat! Don’t forget to vote on what you’d like to hear about next week!

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