The Witches of East End

Recently I’ve started (and stopped) reading several books. I feel less guilty for having bought them at Half-Price Books, at least I’m not losing out on a ton of money. The most disappointing one is The Witches of East End. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I loved the show, and I was so upset that it was canceled. I decided to read the books so I could know what happened to the characters where we left them in the show. . .wow. MISTAKE.

Witches of East End book

Now, I’m not saying the book is terrible. I would give it a three stars, even though I’m not sure I’m going to finish it. I do think that it could have used a little more meat to it. A lot of the book read like a first draft “she stepped into the glom” was one way of telling us that Joanna astral traveled to the spirit world. I could have done with a little more of how she did it, or what she experienced stepping between worlds. While she was there, rescuing someone, she wasn’t met with any adversity, she just went there, grabbed the person, and came back. Three or four paragraphs to explain her journey to this alternate dimension that could have been really kick-ass and shown us some of how powerful we’ve been told Joanna is. Nope. We get three pages about her playing with a little boy and changing a burned pie into an un-burned pie, but not anything that lengthy about this miraculous, mythic adventure of hers. Now I’m not a huge stickler for “show me, don’t tell me!” but this book could have really shown a lot. We are told time and again how powerful Joanna is, but we could have seen that with just a little more added to a few scenes.

Lately I think we’ve been lucky to see a lot of movies and shows based on books that stick pretty close to the book. This isn’t the case. One of my favorite characters (Wendy) isn’t even a character in the books. The show honestly told the story better than the books I think. The characters in the show were developed well and there was a great connection between them. We could tell with how the actresses portrayed the characters just exactly how each of the characters were meant to be. We didn’t see that in this book. We were told that Freya was wild and sexy, but we didn’t see much of that. We were told that the girls were this or that, but we didn’t see that in how they acted.

There were some inconsistencies too. Nothing major, but something you wouldn’t expect from a book published by Hyperion. The one that sticks out in my head is how Freya and Bran (not Dash because apparently Bran wasn’t a cool enough name for the show?) were in the bar and Bran was slipping his hands down the waistband of her jeans. Well, when they get home and are about to have sex, she lifts her dress right up over her head to show that she’s naked underneath. . .hmmmm maybe that’s a magic trick.

I don’t see the point in finishing the book since I won’t get to learn what happened to Wendy at the end of season two, or what happened to Killian or Dash. Makes me sad that I will have no resolution. :-(

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