The Name of the Wind Review

So I just got a new Kindle and I decided I didn’t want to break in the new thingy with a book I was already reading. My new eReader should be first experienced reading a new book! So I chose Name of the Wind. I’d been wanting to read Name of the Wind for a while now, but for various reasons I just didn’t start. My main reason is the trouble I’m having getting into any book lately. Name of the Wind is a rather epic undertaking if you have trouble even beating your way through novellas. Anyway, I bought it and tucked into it.

Name of the Wind

The Name of the Wind is a narration that happens over the course of three days. We see how Kvothe goes from traveling entertainer to become the greatest magician his world has ever seen. It’s filled with magic, mystery, love, danger, and heartbreak. It’s filled with enemies you will really hate, and it’s filled with (limited) triumphs that you can rejoice in.

The book starts off with present Kvothe and about 20% into the book we start digging into his past. It’s rather obvious that there’s a story happening not only in the past, but also in the present. Danger seems to follow Kvothe, even after his University days.


I think the best part of the book was how descriptive it was and how it gave you a true feel for the world you were reading about. I told a friend several times that it was a more adult version of Harry Potter, at least when it came to the school. The school felt very real, it had a great atmosphere and had the tangibility that JK Rowling wrote in her world. You got a sense for the classes and for each teacher. Kvothe also got into a lot of trouble, just as Harry did, but instead of losing points for his house, Kvothe was publicly whipped. If you’re expecting a lot of happy moments, you’re in for disappointment reading this book. Kvothe is a loser in almost every sense of the word. Now loser like a douche, but a loser like he very rarely catches a break.


There’s really not much about the book that I didn’t love. If I had to point out one thing there were several times when I had to remind myself that the character we were reading about in the past was only 15. Though he is young he bosses adults around in some instances and they are afraid of him. When I thought about a teen coming up to me and saying those things, it seemed a little ludicrous.

At any rate, I loved The Name of the Wind and highly recommend it!

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2 comments on “The Name of the Wind Review
  1. Page Inman says:

    I just finished The Name of the Wind and loved it. I have the second one and plan to read it soon. It’s the first fantasy book that’s gotten my attention in awhile.

    • Same with me. There’s so many books that I want to read, and halfway through there’s always something that frustrates me to the point of putting it down. For a while I thought it was just me losing interest in reading, and that made me very sad. When I started Name of the Wind I was worried the same thing would happen, but I loved it!!!!! I’m apprehensive about starting the second one right off, I heard it’s taking a while to get the third out :-(

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