Take Your Time: A Fantasy Interpretation

A Fantasy Interpretation

So, by now you may have heard the song “Take Your Time” by Sam Hunt. If you haven’t, I’ve included the video below. I was listening to the radio today and the song came on. Now, I like the song a lot, but I got to thinking about it, and I’m really not sure what Sam Hunt is looking for. I went through it in my head, and I thought there may be a fantasy interpretation of the song. Bear with me for a moment.


Sam tells us time and again that he doesn’t want anything from the woman, but a little time. Okay, you may think he’s picking her up at a bar (that’s certainly how the song sounds) and that he wants sex. I mean, most younger people don’t go to a club for the conversation, so he’s probably looking for some strange. He’s very excited to talk to her, his heart is pounding and he just can’t help but talk to her. She might think he’s drunk because of all of these raging emotions apparent in his voice, but that’s not the case. The thing is, he really just wants to know her. Alright, again sounds like sex, but it’s not because later he says he doesn’t have to go home with her, he doesn’t want to steal her covers (meaning he doesn’t see them in bed together), he doesn’t have to meet her parents he doesn’t want to spoil her night. But, he wants to see where this goes.


He wants to be alone with her, and he WANTS to blow her mind. He wants to take her time also. So he doesn’t want sex (unless he’s going to do it in the club), and we’ve established that clubs aren’t a good place for conversation. So that leaves us with one conclusion.

Sam Hunt is a necromancer and he plans on getting this girl alone so he can use his necrotic gift to blow her mind and suck the youthful time from her body.

Sam Hunt is a Necromancer

Found on art.alphacoders.com

Or I could be wrong. You decide.

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