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Possessed by Abigor

“Abigor, come to me,” Geffrey called. Just the name of the demon caused discomfort. A chill crept up his spine, his dark hair seemed to stand on end. He clutched the ancient spell book in his pale hands and called

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The Plague of Abaddon

“Lucy, don’t meet him tonight,” Sissy begged, clasping her sister’s hand and pulling her away from the door. Lucy looked at her younger sister. Sissy was only younger by a year, but it looked more like it was five years.

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Hunting the Loup-Garou

A hunting horn moaned through the snowy night. Fat flakes of snow drifted lazily from the heavens, lending an air of whimsy to the night. The loup-garou was on the loose, and the townsfolk were hunting. They were hunting for

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Cheating the Undine

Whenever Tashaun saw water, he couldn’t help but think of Abella. His mind drifted along the shore of the lake by his home and he dreamt of watery palaces below, where the undine must rule. The same palaces Abella retreated

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Abdul’s Encounter with the Islamic Ghoul

Abdul Lateef scanned the desert, looking for the ghoul; the demon devoured his wife, Wabuj. Shaitan’s daughter who ate his only son, Luqman for whom he had such high hopes. Now his hope rest in the scimitar that hung at

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An Affair With a Wendigo Ends With a Surprising Twist!

“You’re making the right decision,” her mother told her. She rocked in her chair beside the fireplace, knitting a shawl for Rebecca. Rebecca didn’t want a shawl, and she didn’t want to be making the right decision either. What she

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An Abused Woman Seeks Help From The Wild Hunt But Meets The Witch Baba Yaga Instead, What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind!

A NEW LIFE High above the snowcapped evergreens, the wild hunt howled like a wind from hell. Alicia stood amidst the forest, gazing up at the ghostly sight. The dead barreled through the skies, their chargers thundering through the heavens

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The Witches of East End

Recently I’ve started (and stopped) reading several books. I feel less guilty for having bought them at Half-Price Books, at least I’m not losing out on a ton of money. The most disappointing one is The Witches of East End.

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In modern times a ghoul can be either an undead monster or a spirit that feasts on human flesh and typically lurks around graveyards. It has its roots in Arabian lore, and it’s thought that the first mention of a

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Baba Yaga the Slavic Hag

I absolutely love Baba Yaga, so much that I wrote her into my Revenant Wyrd Saga as a hag that was thought to be evil, but was really helpful. Without her, I don’t think my characters would have stood a

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