The Struggle to be a likable Blogger

The Struggle of a Blogger Wannabe

FuckThatShitSo a lot of people claim to be a blogger. They love blogging. I can’t say that I hate blogging, but it’s a pretty big struggle for me to figure out WHAT on Earth I want to blog about. “Blog something for your target audience!” says everyone. So my target audience is fantasy and new adult. What do I write then? Do I create blog posts like journal entries like I’m a fantasy character? I’m 33, how do I relate to people that are 18-25? Do you see the struggle?


“Make it something you like doing, but don’t review books and don’t talk about writing.” Okay, well there goes the only two things I do. Oh, I like cooking, but if you look up top, you see that to reach my target audience, I shouldn’t blog about that because that’s not what I write about. So should I make it seem fantasy like? “Cracketh one egg gathered under the light of the full moon into thine cauldron”? That just makes me sound like I’m on crack!

I’m awkward. THAT would be awesome to write about. How about I write about how I’m an introvert. Wait, does that mean I would write ANYTHING on the blog? Is it possible to be an extrovert about being an introvert? Wouldn’t that make me kind of an extrovert? See the struggle?

So, you’re people (right?) What do you like reading when you go to a blog? How does your favorite blogger keep you coming back? Any suggestions?

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2 comments on “The Struggle to be a likable Blogger
  1. Clara Bush says:

    I feel your pain. I struggle with the same torment. I feel blogging takes me away from what I really want to be doing and that’s writing science fiction and creating other worlds littered with crazy people and aliens or monsters.

    I read your blog for information and your brand of humor. I love your blogs about the care and feeding of mythological creatures.

    Experts—supposedly in the know—tell us not to blog tips on writing and/or self publishing, but those are the other blogs I read. You do a fantastic job of marketing your books, I’d love to read a blog on ways to market books for the self-published author.

    So you pose some great questions. Namely what in the hell do we blog to be get people to read us? Pass along any clues you receive in your blog. I’ll be here.

    • I’m just so lost hahaha. I have found that a lot of people like the essay type articles where I delve into cryptids or I write about some other aspect/creature of fantasy and provide information. If I find the magic key that unlocks the sales door, I will certainly pass it on!

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