Simulation Hypothesis

simulationSo, I’ve given a lot of thought to this “the universe is a simulation” theory and I have some really strange thoughts about it. Every day it seems that science is showing us that the universe may be stranger than we could ever dream a reality being. Forget ghosts, forget magic, forget everything we’ve known from the ancient past, and just look at some of the ideas scientists think might actually be.

The universe is a computer simulation.

That’s right. There’s a theory that the universe might really just be a computer simulation. What does that mean? Have you ever played a video game like The Sims, or World of Warcraft. There you go! Scientific beings may be behind a giant computer somewhere (or maybe it’s small) and we are really just experiencing a game.

And then thoughts start swirling in my head like: when we sleep, is that just our real selves logging off the simulation? When we die, are we really just waking up out of the simulation? Did the player behind the keyboard delete their character? Is every age just an expansion of the original game that started with cavemen? Why isn’t life cooler, like with magic and all that jazz? Why isn’t there an end goal? Unless that’s what wars are really about? The end raid to this simulation?

But then you start asking deeper questions. Why would they need to create a simulated world? What is the purpose. (They are obviously whoever created the simulation, just go with it.) Is the universe a test to see how best to run their world? Is that what a multi-verse is? Several simulated universes, all programmed with different choices and variables to see what branches the non-simulated world should take to optimize their chances of survival?

Is the world even dying?

When things change drastically, is it a patch in the game?

Would this make those people that simulated us our gods since they control our lives?

Are they a simulation?

When does it stop? I know this isn’t anything that’s fact. It’s all just speculation, but the fact that a highly intelligent person is speculating that the universe is a simulation gives the whole idea more credence than some of the things we believe as fact on a daily basis!
I would love to talk to you about this! What are some of your thoughts? Let’s chat about them below!

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