Shadow People

Last week’s Care for Magical Creatures allowed you, my awesome readers, to weigh in on what you’d like to read about this week. There was the Jersey Devil, and Shadow People. I really hoped Shadow People would win, because I’ve had experiences with

these entities as well as knowing a lot of people who’ve seen Shadow People. I’m happy to announce that the Jersey Devil and the Shadow People both won, so I will be writing articles this week on both of these “cryptids.”

You will notice a slight change in the way things are presented on the website now. Apparently I’ve been getting zinged by Google for having too many posts that are similar. I can only imagine that’s due to the titles I’ve been posting, so I will forgo adding in the “Care for Magical Creatures” portion to these articles. Also, I’d like these cryptid articles to be less “care” and more informative essay.

As always, if you’ve had an experience with any of the cryptids I write about, I’d love to hear about it!!!!! DISCLAIMER: I don’t expect anyone to believe my tales as I’m a huge skeptic myself.

Shadow People


There’s a growing number of people who are reporting seeing Shadow People. But what are they? Well, like the title suggests, these are figures who appear nothing more than a shadow. Typically people see them as fleeting shapes out of the corners of their eyes, but that’s not always the case. There are other people who see these figures full on, no fleeting anything. They are there, plain and simple, and they lack any explanation. Some people characterize the shadow people as the outline of a person, indiscernible from a real shadow of a person except (some report) their glowing red eyes. Some people say they are ghosts, but apparently what constitutes as “ghost” isn’t precisely the same as a shadow person. Where the shadow people appear as outlines of humans or creatures, ghosts are typically more of an apparition. Some people suggest the shadow people are demons or some other kind of evil entity because of the strange, malevolent feeling that comes along with them. These feelings, in my mind, could be attributed more to the experience of seeing something that shouldn’t be there than anything else. But, with my own experience with a shadow person, I can say it was rather alarming. In true Doctor Who fashion, some people think these shadow people could be aliens, but what would they want? Why do they show up? Is it just to frighten us?


A small selection of people who see shadow people see them in a specific form: the Hat Man. He is called the Hat Man because he has a wide-brimmed hat and wears a long trench coat. The Hat Man is different than other shadow people because he seems to be attracted to conflict and high tension. He often stays much longer than other Shadow People and he has a penchant for interacting with the person who sees him. He is reported as acting aggressively toward the viewer and sometimes even noted as attacking the person that sees him, striking them or choking them while they sleep. My mother, father, and a friend have all had first-hand experience with the Hat Man. Yes, he truly is that aggressive. They were menaced by him, they were attacked, and they were even choked. He doesn’t always appear in reality and often times when they saw him it was in a dream, but the bruises and the choking persisted after they woke. The few fleeting times I’ve seen the Hat Man were in tense situations. In fact, the times I’ve seen the Shadow People in general were in those places and times in my life when there was a lot of turmoil and tense home settings. The Hat Man isn’t just seen in one place, he’s seen all over the world. He’s seen so frequently that there’s even a book about him: The Hat Man: The True Story of Evil Encounters. Yes, I’m going to buy it!


Shadow People 2

If you’ve never had an experience with a Shadow Person, then you’re in luck. If you’ve never had an experience with one of these beings then it is most certain that you probably won’t believe any of this as being real and might think it’s a pretty awesome ghost story. It’s hard for me to say they’re real because my own experience with a shadow “being” happened when I was waking up, so I’m not fully convinced it really happened or if I was experiencing sleep paralysis. I can say that I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis outside of the two or three times I’ve seen a Shadow Person. As to if they’re real, I leave that up to your discretion. Some explanations of Shadow People say that the observer of these beings could be experiencing a heightened emotional state that comes with doing drugs, being deprived of sleep, or being trapped between waking and sleeping. This makes perfect sense to me for two reasons: 1) maybe they aren’t seeing the being at all, and their mind is just so hyped up to make up stuff; 2) maybe we don’t see them any other time because our minds aren’t receptive to the paranormal when we are fully awake. However, one person being interviewed was noted as saying: “You don’t see shadow dogs or shadow birds or shadow cars. You see shadow people. Standing in doorways, walking behind you, coming at you on the sidewalk.”


Hat ManWhen I lived in Pennsylvania I was deep into the occult living with some very close friends and family. The home situation wasn’t always glamorous, as is often the case. There were times of high tension and there were times of long disagreements. We lived in the college section of Bethlehem in a house that had housed many students, though none of us were students. It was a three-story house if you count the attic where I ended up moving my bedroom. The basement was modern, except for one spot that was a very old root cellar. We’d gone into the root cellar once and decided never to go into it again when we saw strange chalk drawings on the wall and incense sticks stuck into various holes around the space. Sounds cliche, but it’s true. Either someone was playing a trick, or there had been some kind of rituals that happened there.

Often times we would enter the kitchen to find the cellar door wide open. In fact, the doors of that house had a tendency to open themselves and there was always a sense of being watched if you were home alone. I loved and hated that house.

Before I moved to the attic I slept in a room on the second floor. There was one room I hated the feeling of, so I refused to stay in that one, but the room I slept in shared a closet with the room I hated. You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that my experiences happened near that closet door. Now, I understand sleep paralysis and that you often see and hear things that aren’t there. As I’ve stated before, I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis except for the few times I had it in that room. Not that house, that room specifically. Each time I saw a Shadow Person I woke cold and shivering, unable to move and with the sense that I wasn’t alone. In the corner of the room near the closet a large shadow stood. My eyes wouldn’t leave where the shadow lurked, and soon it parted from the wall, and it was this giant figure that paced back and forth at the foot of my bed. It was talking, but I couldn’t understand what it was saying, it was all garbled and didn’t make any sense. Finally the figure came up to me and placed its hand above my belly and I felt a kind of tugging there, as if it were pulling something out. That was the first time, but it was the most memorable. Each of the other times I woke paralyzed it was to see the Hat Man in my room or staring at me from outside my bedroom window. He didn’t interact with me so much, but he did watch me.

I’m assuming that many people have had similar experiences. Honestly, until the internet became a more common thing in households, I didn’t even know people outside of my family saw Shadow People or the Hat Man (who we called The Man in Black). It’s very interesting to me now to see how similar the experiences are between people and some of the things I know close friends to have experienced.

Have you had any experiences with Shadow People or the Hat Man? I’d love to hear about them! Please leave a comment below and we can discuss them! Don’t forget to leave your feedback on what you’d like to hear about next week!

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2 comments on “Shadow People
  1. Jake says:

    When I saw them once, I just sat up looking at the shadow man. He walked around but then faced me, it came towards me and I smacked myself, waking myself up, but it was still there.
    At this point and time I was tired of these people and just walked out my bedroom locking the door.
    It was so worth it. Because having the hat Man in your room is not pretty.

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