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I have so many dreams about a specific place over and over again that I’ve felt compelled to start keeping a journal of all of the dreams as they happen. Of course, there are a lot of dreams I haven’t documented that I remember and will start writing down and sharing. These dreams don’t happen in chronological order, but I’ve started calling them “my second life.” In these dreams I’m a specific person, I’m in a specific place, and I’m near a city that I know so well that I can tell you people who are buried in the cemetery.

This city that I dream about is a place I can never get to, though I have memories of walking through the streets. I have memories of my favorite restaurant that is rarely open. I remember houses in this city that I’ve lived in. One of the houses I hate, and I know when I’m dreaming of that house because there’s a ghost inside that terrifies me. There’s two other houses, one with a bedroom I love, and another with a huge deck. Sometimes in the dream they are all the same house.

I’m not explaining this well. I will touch base on all of these places and events over the course of the coming months. As there is no chronological order, some of the posts might be confusing, but they should all be worth the read.


There are two chunks of land, the one I stand on, and the one across the whitewater rapids. The rapids are wide, and the only way to cross them is by this shining bridge that seems to stretch for miles. I can’t tell you precisely where these places are. I can’t tell you this is in Pennsylvania or that this is in Alaska, but I know the places.

Last night, specifically, I dreamed about the bridge. What I used to think was a bridge that people could drive over (because I’ve only ever seen it at a distance in a car) turns out it isn’t a bridge you drive over at all. It is a shimmering white bridge, lined with gold along the edges. The bridge must be made out of stairs, because it dips down from the side of the land I’m on and then rises again to connect with the land on the other side. It’s structured like an old wood and rope bridge, but it’s so much more than that. Very futuristic. It’s wide enough that people walking on the bridge (always from this side to the shining city) look like ants from where I stand watching them.

The main focal point of the dream was the bridge, almost as if the dream was specifically showing me that the bridge wasn’t one that cars crossed on, but instead a bridge to walk on. There are beams that come up out of the rapids and tower over the bridge, and along the bridge there are cables that support. The bridge is just as mesmerizing as the city is, but the bridge represents so much more than the city. The bridge almost seems like its own place. The bridge is just as much of an attraction as the city is because it holds an excitement, the beginning of something new.

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4 comments on “Second Life
  1. Clara Bush says:

    Interesting. Do you ever have dreams that are not like regular dreams, but are so real you are sure you have actually experienced them? Past life experience or perhaps future life experience. I believe.

    • These second life dreams are very real, but they also have a sense of whimsy, like fairies sometimes or ghosts you interact with. They’re very strange. I think I’ve had a couple dreams that were very real, but I can’t remember what they were about, sadly.

  2. Savannah Simmons says:

    I frequently also have dreams about houses I’ve never really been to but I know the entire house. There are three main houses. I’m always hiding in them.

    • Isn’t it crazy? I have dreams about the same kind of houses all the time. When I used to work with a psychic she told me dreams about houses really spoke to the self. If you dreamed about attics, you were having a dream about your higher mind; if you dreamed about the basement it was about emotions; if you dreamed about the main part of the house it was your day-to-day life. Now I can’t say that I fully believe this, but I did have a dream the other night where I was walking through this house and trying to get outside. Well, there was a hole in the wall, but I didn’t want to go through the hole because it wasn’t the proper way out. However, when I got to the front door it would only open to another door. Each door I went through only led to another closed door. Soon the doors got closer and closer, making it harder to open one door to get to the next. Soon after that, the doors were locked. When I woke up it seemed to me that the dream was telling me that I was trying to force too many things in my life, trying to make things go the way I wanted them instead of taking the path that was right before me that required less effort. I don’t know if that’s true at all, but it seemed pretty accurate. Who knows with dreams? It might not even be something spiritual at all, it might just be your brain trying to give you a wake up call lol.

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