Science Fiction News: X-Files Reboot

Science Fiction Fans Get a Reboot of X-Files

Exciting news for us science fiction geeks, right? 2015 MAY see the reboot of the much loved X-Files show. What do we know about this awesome news? Only that it’s in the talks right now. There’s no real steadfast plans on when the X-Files Reboot might come about. Many things are called into play here, like the schedules of the stars.

x-files reboot

And who would be in the X-Files Reboot? Well, the talk sounds like we will see Duchovny and Anderson returning as Mulder and Scully. YAY! When I was younger I used to watch X-Files a lot. I really enjoyed their ghost stories and their stories of the occult. It wasn’t until I got older that I enjoyed the stories of aliens.

Then I started watching Fringe, and it reminded me a lot of X-Files. So much that it sparked my interest in the series again. This Reboot really excites me. There’s no real talk about how long it will be, probably less than 10 episodes. The Reboot could happen as soon as this summer, but there’s no more real news on where it’s at in production. Pity. I want more X-Files!!!!!

x-files reboot

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