Science Fiction Book Review: Sparkers

Sparkers by Clara BushSo I’m loving the fact that I’m getting back into reading. I’ve read the entire Creep Mesquite series so far, and I’m anxiously waiting the last installment of the series. The thing that’s awesome about this series is you don’t have to start with Wyso, but you can. We don’t follow the same characters through the series, but we do follow the same souls through different incarnations. There’s a general theme, but nothing that’s dependent on earlier books. Still, if you’ve read them in chronological order you will be able to find little Easter Eggs along the way that Clara artfully places through the stories.

Sparkers was very different than the previous two. We had a sense of familiarity with the setting of the drive-in movie theater, and we even saw some of the same movies being played on the screen that we’d seen in Wyso. The interesting thing about the series is you know these are the same incarnation of souls through time, but you can never really tell who is who until further in that you find out precisely who’s who. That in itself lends a bit of mystery to the story.

The Farragos are an interesting race of aliens with a lot of creep factor. We also got to see a pretty big backstory at the end to figure out what our favorite characters have been up to through different lives. All in all, Sparkers was a great addition to the Creep Mesquite series and I highly recommend you read them!

Do you have any fantasy or science fiction book recommendations for me to read? I’d love to hear what some of your favorites are, they might even make it onto my TBR list!


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2 comments on “Science Fiction Book Review: Sparkers
  1. Clara Bush says:

    Thank you, Travis. Great review. So glad you enjoyed it.

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