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I love science fiction, and I love a good conspiracy. What I can’t love, is this Blue Planet Project book that’s been floating around for a while. The premise of this is that 160 different alien species have been documented by the author (who can’t be found now and no one even knows who it is), a former Government employee. This guy apparently had inside information on the Blue Planet Project and decided to expose the government for what they were doing. And what were they doing? Allegedly exchanging humans to these 160 alien races in exchange for alien technology.


Yea, you heard that right. Now I’m all for conspiracies. Some of them sound plausible, and if they aren’t completely plausible, at least they are interesting and intriguing. This Blue Planet Project would be interesting if it was nothing more than science fiction, but as something that people really believe?

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But what’s in it? So this top scientist was hired by the government to go to every alien crash site, interview the aliens and document what he found. He kept notes and made it into a book that he eventually released. The Blue Planet Project book doesn’t just contain his notes, but drawings of some of the aliens as well.

Do I believe the government keeps stuff from us? Absolutely. Do I think they do a lot of really strange stuff we don’t know about? Absolutely. Do I think they are keeping 160 aliens in a underground bunker that they randomly feed people to in exchange for technology? Um . . . no. Furthermore there are spots underground where these aliens reportedly relax in a bath of severed human remains like some Leatherface-esque spa. There are still others that need our blood to survive (don’t worry, I will cover that soon). So let’s look at some of the claims in this book.

science fiction, blue planet project

  • 160 different alien specie. So this is something I can’t really wrap my head around. If we really had all those aliens on our planet, like the Blue Planet Project says, then I’m sure we would know something. I know people see strange things. Sometimes I believe them, other times I don’t. I just think if there were 160 different species of aliens flitting around our planet, that would be pretty hard to keep secret. Maybe if the Blue Planet Project had said something like 5-10, that would be more believable.
  • Untold technological advancement.  Apparently there are tons of aliens, and they all want humans for some reason. The government is giving them humans in exchange for information on their tech. Do you see the issue here? If these aliens had such awesome technology . . . why the fuck do they have to negotiate with humans? Why wouldn’t they just take over?
  • If they need human blood to survive . . . This is just dumb. How can a specie that needs human blood to survive ever live long enough on their own planet to get to the point where they can travel through space? Don’t you think they would have created human farms before they took to the cosmos? We need certain sustenance to live as well AND WE FUCKING GROW IT. We didn’t go looking for another planet to invade so we could have corn. We grew it! This Blue Planet Project isn’t even good science fiction. It doesn’t make sense.
  • Just . . . how? Alright, we all know a little about science. Thanks to social media I’m sure many of you know that the farther we look out into space, the farther we see into the past. So, if aliens 65 billion light years were looking at Earth right now, they’d be seeing dinosaurs. So, unless these aliens have super awesome technology (which they must if we are trading humans for the knowledge) then they wouldn’t even see humans living here. Unless they were closer.
  • No one knows the author. Because he doesn’t exist! How I see it, the only reason there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the author is because some random nut job wrote the Blue Planet Project and passed it off as “above top secret.”

science fiction, blue planet project

And if any of you reading this swear by the Blue Planet Project, I’m sure you will see this post as propaganda to discredit the book. You will likely think I work for the government, or there’s a Man in Black behind me now holding a gun to my head making me write this. I really wish I could fuck with you and tell you that this is all propaganda, and that his gun is rather large and would make a big mess of my head. But I can’t. I don’t work for the government, so you can take off your foil cap. I’m just a fantasy and science fiction author. And look, here’s some of my books for proof.

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3 comments on “Science Fiction and the Blue Planet Project
  1. Clara Bush says:

    Hi Travis—Great post! I laughed my head off.

  2. Gil Carlson says:

    Many of the answers to today’s questions can be found in The Blue Planet Project Book. This hard to find book was selling for up to $500 on Amazon. It is still (last time I checked) available from publisher:

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