Science based on Science Fiction

Scientists are ripping of science fiction

Scientists aren’t even trying anymore. Like, seriously not even trying. Sure, we can build robots, and rockets, and telescopes that can see almost to the beginning of the universe. But what can’t we do? Come up with our own ideas! Seriously, scientists need to stop ripping off science fiction like, yesterday. And how do I know this? Well, lately I’ve been watching Star Trek, so that pretty much makes me an expert on all of this shit. Don’t believe me? Just check this stuff out!

WARP DRIVE Yep. That’s right. I’m sure this is old news to a lot of people now, but the fact that we think we might be able to do something like this is pretty awesome. We have an idea of what it would look like, and even how to do it. The ship wouldn’t really accelerate at all. Space would be expanded around it, pushing the ship forward almost like it was riding a wave to its destination. There’s some interesting graphs and technical speak that makes my head hurt somewhere on the internet, but yea, this could be a thing.


UNIVERSAL TRANSLATOR ANYONE? Anyone? Do you want one? I think it would be pretty awesome to have. Of course, as long as I didn’t get stuck in the Delta Quadrant where my translator was pretty much shit to some of the aliens there. But this universal translator that Microsoft is doing with Skype can translate in near real time between people. Have a person in Germany you wanna sex cam with? Now don’t let pesky language barriers come between you!

science fiction

MEDICAL TRICORDER. Great, now I don’t have to go to WebMD to freak myself out because I have the sniffles. This little bit of technology ripped right off from science fiction will do the trick for me! Of course, this is only the front runner. All entrants have to be able to read certain vital signs to be accepted. But this could be real. Now all we need is a hologram!

HOLOGRAMS. Oh shit, lookie there. I guess holograms aren’t a thing of science fiction any longer. Granted we have shitty holograms as pictures on some credit cards and licenses, but there are other types also. Like, real holograms created with light in 2-dimentional space.

TELEPORTATION granted we can’t be beemed up yet, but that’s certainly something scientists are working on. Already we can use quantum teleportation for information. Pfft, and I can’t even get a good fucking internet signal where I live. Maybe we could work on that first? Nah? Alright. :-(

HYPOSPRAY. Don’t like needles? Don’t worry, science is already ripping off science fiction for all you trypanophobes! How? Well with a needless medical injector!

science fiction

REPLICATOR. Need something made but don’t want to go to the store? Do you have materials around that you could use to make it? Need a wrench? Need a new skull? Need a candy bar? We’re working on that too, with 3D printing!

Of course, we could look at cell phones and GPS and tablets, but what’s the fun in that? Those are old hat. We need the best, the newest and the shiniest! Beam me up!

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2 comments on “Science based on Science Fiction
  1. I didn’t know about the needleless medical injector! Thats just cool stuff right there!

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