Rant: Star Trek & my Love for Captain Kathryn Janeway


Normally my rants are bad, right? Not today. Alright, so I’ve officially decided that today is the day I confess my love for Captain Kathryn Janeway. As happened to me with Star Wars, I wasn’t much of a Star Trek fan until I watched the newer Star Trek movies. I know, there are going to be a lot of Trekkies out there that get butthurt that I could be so blasphemous. They will probably condemn me to some exo-planet that only Trekkies know about where I will undoubtedly live in eternal torment. Get over it. Anyway. So, I saw the movies and I decided I wanted to know more of the story. I haven’t watched all the original movies, but I decided to get my fill of the television shows.

Star Trek Janeway

Now, I tried The Next Generation, and I’m having a really hard time getting into it, mainly because I can’t stand the Q, and they are an entire two episodes of the beginning. They frustrate me and piss me off and they are just so STUPID! (Do I hear more Trekkies whining?) I tried Enterprise, and while I didn’t mind it, my mother and I watched shows together, and she didn’t seem to like it that much. So I laid off the Star Trek shows. Mom and I loved watching sci-fi together, but we couldn’t find a good series to watch.

Then someone suggested I watch Voyager because I am a huge fan of strong female leads. You’d know this if you’ve ever read anything I’ve written. Strong female leads is where it’s at. So, I started watching Star Trek Voyager, and mom and I both agreed on it. We both loved it.

Namely, we both loved Captain Kathryn Janeway. We would wake up in the morning, and over breakfast we would discuss what we thought Janeway was going to do that night when we watched the shows. We always figured it was going to be something bold and heroic, because she’s a very bold and heroic Captain.

And someone you don’t want to piss off. Or threaten. She doesn’t respond well to threats.

But why do I love Kathryn Janeway?

  • She’s Strong: She has to be one of the toughest female leads I’ve seen in a really long time. She doesn’t take shit, and she doesn’t mince words. If she has an issue with you, you know it.
  • She has faults: Despite being strong, she does have her own faults, and it takes the entire crew sometimes to point this out to her. She often doesn’t see gray areas, she follows the Prime Directive as close as she can, until she’s told (and almost forced) to go against it. This makes her a well rounded character.
  • She has heart: She’s a very compassionate character. She thinks of other people, and she doesn’t let her crew suffer alone.
  • She’s just motherfuckin’ regal as shit: I mean, have you seen Kathryn Janeway perched on her throne Captains Chair? If you haven’t, here you go:

Star Trek Janeway

You’re welcome.

  • She likes coffee: If she likes coffee, she has to be awesome. And before you think this is a silly internet meme just know that she ACTUALLY took her crew into a nebula so she could replicate more coffee. So yes, she really said this:

Star Trek Janeway

I still have yet to finish the series. It was something my mom and I watched every night before she passed, and while I can rant all I like about how much I love the show, I haven’t been able to watch it since. All in all, I would have to say that Captain Kathryn Janeway is the BEST Star Trek Captain ever. Granted, I haven’t watched the other series of Star Trek, but. . . .

Star Trek Janeway


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6 comments on “Rant: Star Trek & my Love for Captain Kathryn Janeway
  1. Clara Bush says:

    I also enjoy Robert Beltran’s performance as Chakotay and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine (such a cool name.) Great post. Your mom sounds cool. I watched LIFETIME with my mom when she was alive. And let me stress, I hate anything remotely LIFETIME connected, but I am glad I have those memories with her. Thanks for the memories.

    • There was one Lifetime show that I loved, and that was Witches of East End. Mom and I watched that together too. Yes, Seven is a great character, and her and Janeway sure put each other through the paces. I do really like Chakotay!!!!!

  2. Oh AWESOME! I love this! “The right way, the wrong way, and the Janeway!” ROFLMAO EPIC! I do hope you get around to finishing the series :) it was awesome! Besides- you will have something to tell your mom about when you see her when you pass on too. “Hey did you ever finish that series? How did it end?”
    “I never finished it, no, sorry mom.”
    “AWW shucks! I wanted to know if they ever got home!”
    😛 lol

    • I actually resumed watching it that night when I wrote this post! So awesome. I love this series, it was just too soon earlier. And yea, there are some episodes like when the doctor programmed himself to daydream that mom would have loved hahaha.

  3. Lissy says:

    I love Kathryn Janeway with all my heart and soul. She’s marvellous, clever, full of passion, ready to fight for her crew till death – just awesome! KJ rules!

    • I agree! Voyager was my favorite Star Trek to date. Janeway was such a powerful character. I loved the episode where she hadn’t had her coffee and she risked going into the nebula to get more power so she could have coffee hahaha

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