Rant: Gay Life and Making Friends


What, you didn’t know I was gay? Holy potatoes, well consider yourself informed. Now listen to me rant about it? I’m sure this is a common dating issue. Scratch that, not really even dating, more like finding friends issue. I’m sure this happens to straight people all the time, but I’m not straight, and I have no experience with the ladies.

So, you are on an app looking for friends (replace app with chat room or bar, whatever). You clearly make it known that you are just looking for friends.

You: “Hey, we should hang out sometime.”

Them: “I’m sure my boyfriend wouldn’t enjoy that!”

gay rant

I don’t know about straight people, but for gay people that line gets thrown around like crazy!!!!! It’s like, just because you have a boyfriend you deserve a fucking medal or something. Okay, so you know I’m looking for friends, and you are also looking for friends (I assume since you just proclaimed you have a boyfriend) so what’s the issue? Does the boyfriend not trust you? Do you not trust yourself? Are you really looking for something more than friends to hang out with and do things with? I don’t give a flying rat’s ass, bring your boyfriend. As I said, I’m looking for friends, and I don’t expect it to go anywhere more than that, so bring them along because, you know, the more the merrier and all that shit.

But no, you had to go ruin it by acting like your king of the queers because you have a boyfriend. And might I add, I’m sure in just a couple days (according to today’s dating standards) you will be single again. Or married. You could be married. But then you’d probably be divorced just as fast.

All the while I will sit back here and watch the drama unfold on Facebook and laugh to myself and think “awww, who doesn’t have a boyfriend to get pissy about friends now?” Yea, I’m kinda bitchy like that. Or, as I like to think of myself, honestly human. It works for me, don’t judge.

Another thing I don’t get is how fast people get married. It’s insane. Okay, I understand true love and all that BS, but really, test drive that car a little bit. Get comfortable around them. If you can’t poop with them in the same room, you certainly shouldn’t be getting married. But that’s another rant.

Anyway, leave your comments below, I love hearing from you!!!!!

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2 comments on “Rant: Gay Life and Making Friends
  1. KS says:


    My initial response was, “Keep your head up and stay positive”..but, I think a more honest comment would be “I get it and it sucks, bro”. I will tell you that you are not alone in your frustration, but hating on relationships is probably not the best way to attract one yourself (if that is what you are wanting). You are intelligent and creative, so play your strengths. Be happy with yourself… now thats incredibly sexy :)


    • Awww. Thanks! Nah, I don’t think I want a relationship right now. So much has happened over the last few weeks that I really need to just get my life in order first and take some time to be myself 😀 Thanks for the kind words, and I’m sorry you’re in the same spot.

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