Rant: Cryptids and Bigfoot


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RANT TIME! Don’t get me wrong, I believe in a lot of shit. But as time goes on, it gets harder and harder to believe in some things, especially cryptids like Bigfoot and the Lockness monster. The main issue is I want to believe. I want to believe that there really is a Bigfoot. Scratch that. I do believe that there is such thing as Bigfoot.

The main issue I have is that the images caught of Bigfoot and other cryptids are really shoddy. I mean, why are they all blurry? I’m sure movement and such can account for some of that, but cameras are really good now, so that shouldn’t be a major factor. The other thing that gets me is the luck in even catching a random photo. If you aren’t specifically looking for Bigfoot or some other cryptid, why do you have a camera right there in the first place. Sure, maybe they are sight seeing. What’s that? Camera phones you say? Well, I’ve used many camera phones and it always seems to take a while for the camera to open up to even catch an image. Believe me, if I can’t catch a picture of my dog doing something cute, it doesn’t seem likely that you’d catch a Bigfoot dashing across a field . . . unless it was planned.

Travis Simmons, bloger, blogging, popular blogs, blog search, blogs, blog, blogg, best blog sites, blogger, funny observations, rant, funny blogs, cryptids, bigfoot

And what about some of these people who’ve seen these things? I’ve had ghostly experiences and it typically goes like “oh, I just saw a shadow. That’s weird, that thing just fell over for no apparent reason.” But you have some people that are like “Bigfoot came out of the woods, and he snatched me up and carried me back to his lair and he had me tied to a stick over a fire then for some reason he let me go!”

Fuckin’ seriously? Seriously? And we wonder why people aren’t more convinced about Bigfoot? When you have a stupid ass story like that, it makes someone wonder why there aren’t more stories of Bigfoot abductions? I mean certainly someone is bound to see a Bigfoot do some of these nefarious acts, right?


But then you have people like in this video: “it looks a lot like a tree stump to me.” Erm. I don’t see a tree stump. I’m not saying I see a Bigfoot, but I sure as shit don’t see a tree stump! That man caught something on camera, but I can’t say what. Maybe someone dressed up? Who knows. But the other thing that pisses me off is some of these people could seriously have a fucking Bigfoot come out, tear off their leg, beat them with it, and run off with their pet dog and they would still be like “it must have been a bear. I was probably just so scared that my mind made up a Bigfoot!”

The video does pose another really great question. If you’re getting a picture of this, why are you only taking one and not several?

What do you think? I’d love to hear some of your stories, especially if you have personal stories of cryptid run-ins, or Bigfoot stories! Rant right along with me in the comments!

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2 comments on “Rant: Cryptids and Bigfoot
  1. John Bigfoot says:

    Bigfoot can really be scary when rants with a bad temper.

    • HAHAHAHA. I love your site! And I agree, I could probably strip naked and run through the forest and be mistaken for a Bigfoot . . . except I’m super short so maybe a baby Bigfoot?

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