Perfectible Animals

Perfectable AnimalsI did like this book enough to finish it, but I’m not really sure it was my kind of book. There was nothing wrong with it, and it was very interesting and well written, but I like some action along the way, and there wasn’t a lot of that. This book was a lot more about the science aspect of sci-fi. The author did a really good job at touching base on the science, and really helped you see what the main character, Michael, was doing with his enhancement projects.

The romance between his wife and him was well written, and that kind of pulled me along through the book. The world could have used a little more building, make it seem more real to us. But, the one thing I found most interesting about this book were their visual overlays, where the internet was right there before them, implanted so they could see the net over what they were looking at. For some reason being able to go into a virtual world through a chip in your head was awesome to me, though not a huge part of the book.

This book was very well written, and I didn’t notice any inconsistencies. While it wasn’t something I normally read, I did enjoy it. If you are the type that likes your sci-fi heavy on the science, I think you will enjoy this one. A quest for a man trying to save his ailing wife while saving mankind from bio-warfare by advancing the evolutionary process up a few thousand years to make them immune to diseases. Four stars.

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