Paranormal meets Zombies

DesolationHave you ever wondered what would happen if you combined necromancers with zombies? No? Well, I have. I wondered, what would happen if you took a regular, good ole fashioned zombie apocalypse, and made it paranormal by adding witches and necromancers to the mix. What would happen? Apparently a lot of crap hits the fan! This is post apocalyptic urban fantasy that bites back, and maybe takes some of your brains with it!

Furthermore, what do you do when you have a regular ole Joe who isn’t all hyped up on guns and “Fuck YEA I’m going to kill me some zombies!”? You have a type of horror that puts YOU, the regular, average person RIGHT in the middle of your worst nightmare!

Desolation is my zombie apocalypse meets paranormal urban fantasy available on amazon today!

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