Noah Movie Review

NoahSoooo, I love researching religion, I love writing religion into my stories because I can twist the tales into something fantastical that makes people wonder. I don’t tend to like religious movies, like Noah, because I feel the director often tries to push religion down your throat. Since Noah is a religious tale, I figured it would be packed full of Christian values. It was, and it wasn’t. Just like my earlier post about Divergent, Noah was another movie that really surprised the hell out of me.

Now, it is a little stranger than the Bible version. We see the bloodlines down from Adam, and we have the Watchers that God sent down to watch over men. But this version of Noah is much more fantastical. They have different kinds of animals, they have different ore and minerals, they have a very rudimentary kind of technology, and there’s even a bit of magic and vision questing.

And the story was captivating. Sure, you think. Noah is this guy, builds a ship, puts some animals on it, and then it floods, right? Not only. We see family tensions, we see mental collapse as they realize they are the only people left on Earth, and what God has charged Noah to do. We also see Noah losing some of his marbles with the immensity of his task.

All in all, Noah was an awesome, AWESOME movie. There were times the story and the imagery had me breathless. Still, there were times when I was slightly bored, but overall, I highly recommend this movie. Not to mention Hermione is in it, and she’s awesome! Percy Jackson is in it, and he’s pretty cool, and nice to look at. AND Shem is just effing hot! So, it has eye candy as well as good story. Oh, and Russel Crowe didn’t suck, so that’s a plus!

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