New & Awesome Robots to Love!

I’m in love with these new robots!

Robots are the future. Science fiction television and books has shown us that there are some pretty awesome things that androids and robots can do. If you’re anything like me, you love some of the things technology can do on Star Trek. With every passing year we get closer and closer to that awesome moment when robots and humans will walk together on the same streets. Maybe by that point, we won’t be able to tell some of the robots from some of the humans. But I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s a lot of really awesome stuff going on in robotics now, and today I wanted to show you some of these nifty robots.


Known as the BB-8, this new rolling robot that we see in Star Wars: The Force Awakens is an actual robot. I guess I never considered before that all of the other robots we’ve seen in Star Wars were a combination of CG and other works of costume magic. But this one is real, and it really does roll. They say BB-8 is real, but he’s sharing a stage with R2D2, does that mean R2D2 is also a real robot?


This one could be a problem if we ever have to face off with robots like Battlestar Galactica! What’s so frightening about this robot is you can see at the end of the video how the man is tiring, but the robot isn’t. So yea, as far as stamina is concerned, you could be screwed if you ever came up against this one on Caprica.


But not all of the robots are here to destroy us. Some of them are helpful, like your computer and your TV (but not your smart TV because those things are the devil). This one is still being perfected by the sounds of it, but by the time you’re older and need a seeing eye robot of your own, maybe this guy can help you out!

seeing eye robot


This ghastly darling is great at mimicking humans (with constipation) and knows about 700 phrases and can respond in up to 300 words. I don’t think it takes that many words to ask for some Beano, but I could be wrong. She won’t be taking your spot at work anytime soon, but if she did she probably wouldn’t talk about you behind your back. She may ask for the soul of an unborn child now and again, but I’m told that’s a design flaw that’s being worked on . . . I think I worked with her before.

robot receptionist

So what does the future hold? Will robots one day become androids? We already have a lot of the technology we would need to create something akin to androids. We can 3d print bones and we can grow organs in labs. Will we one day be able to create an android life form that’s like what we see in science fiction? I believe so, and I think it’s sooner than what we might think. However, the android rights movement like I talk about in my robot romance book What Lies Behind might be a little farther off.

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