Mortal Kombat Love!

So it’s been years since I’ve gamed, but I realized lately I need to start getting into other hobbies other than writing. One of those hobbies used to be gaming. Lately I’ve tried getting back into World of Warcraft, but I’m just not feeling it. I don’t have a lot of time to keep up with other people in an MMO setting, so I thought, maybe I will go back to console games. I’ve been playing Mortal Kombat DC Universe with my nephew a lot (letting him win because he’s too young to be able to play well) and it got me thinking: I loved Mortal Kombat.

mortal kombat

See, I remember the old Mortal Kombat games, when it was 2D and you couldn’t walk around the people like in the DC Universe one. I remember the moves being easier, and the fatalities with longer times and such. So, I decided to try out Mortal Kombat. I raced to Game Stop and found a used one (because I refuse to spend $60 on a game if I’m not sure I’m getting back into gaming) and raced home (after feeding the food baby with some Chinese food). I sat down and started playing this one.

There are so many things in Mortal Kombat Komplete that I LOVE. They’ve brought back endurance rounds (maybe they’ve been in all of them, I can’t remember). These are tough for me, and I find that I’m totally a button masher. The people are easier to control (or should I write kontrol?) and the fights aren’t really 3D, so that’s awesome.

Of course they are marketing toward adolescent teens, so all of the women have their tits hanging out and bouncing everywhere and OF COURSE they are like an f-cup. It makes it so hard to really enjoy playing the female characters because all I can think about is “do they really think women look like this? Have they ever seen a woman?” And when you beat Shao Khan he has this female slave that crawls to him and wraps herself around his leg and sighs erotically. Pah-LEASE! So stupid. Honestly, how many times are you going to kill him, have him blow up, and then he comes back in the next game? O.o Oh, and the amount of blood! Seriously? You kill someone and the blood just fountains out of their arms. I don’t think arms hold that much blood . . . or a human body for that matter. At least people don’t blow up and have 5 skulls and 3 rib cages any longer!

Over all, I enjoy this game, even if it objectifies women horribly. I still enjoy my favorite characters (Kitana and Jade) even if I wished they were more proportionate and less revealing. You know, these are kick ass women, you’d think they would worry less about showing off! If they aren’t going to change that, maybe they could make some of the guys look more enticing? Just an idea! đŸ˜€

Anyway, I found this little gem online and thought I’d share! <3 Mortal Kombat!


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