Monday Rant: Resolutions

new years resolutionIt’s almost New Years Day! The day after everyone gets dangerously drunk and makes silly promises to their future selves about how everything is going to change in the new year! Do you participate in New Years resolutions? I don’t. Let me tell you why.

resolutions3I like keeping promises. If I don’t, I get really stressed out. I used to make resolutions all the freaking time. I would keep it for a couple weeks and then break it and be mad at myself for the next few months. What a waste of time! Seriously, I was making resolutions to stop smoking (that lasted until I woke up the next day) I would make resolutions to cut down on what I ate and eat more healthy. That lasted until friends wanted me to go to lunch with them. I would make resolutions to stop being an asshole . . . and then I would laugh because I knew that wouldn’t work out.

new years resolution

Maybe my heart was never truly behind any of it. Maybe I was trying to force myself to be something I really never wanted to be? Sure, it’s good to eat healthy, but I’m an author, not a model, people pay me for my writing, and that’s what I love doing, so yea, I love food. But eating healthier is something I’ve started (and stopped) several times. Smoking was something I gave up, but only after being completely scared out of my mind!

I made one New Years resolution years ago, and it was the only one I’ve ever kept. It was to never make another New Years resolution. Honestly, my New Years Eve is typically me going to bed around 10PM and being woken up at several different times in the night as friends from many different time zones text me a drunken “Happy New Years!”

I just don’t get the New Years resolution thing. Do people find it fun to think of things they know they won’t keep? Do people honestly try to keep them, or is it a joke now? Do you even make them? What is the best success you’ve had at keeping a resolution?

I can’t stand them, personally.

new years resolution

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2 comments on “Monday Rant: Resolutions
  1. I wrote today about the fact that my resolution lists are always huge. I think in a way, it’s how I justify failing one or two of them. Something like, “Oh ya, but at least I did THOSE other ones.” Biggest one this year though: Here’s to telling the voices in my head, who tell me nobody will ever like my books but me, that I don’t give a frak.

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