Magic of Nature

After the long winter, I finally feel that spring is here. It is insane to me, after having gone through such cold temperatures this winter, how amazing good weather can feel. I’ve been going through a lot of changes this last year, through a lot of “dark times” as I call them, and I finally feel that those are drawing to a close as well. Could it be just the darkness of winter being washed away in the magic of nature? I’m not sure, but as the spring dawns, I can feel the rhythm of the season washing through me, budding new life, and almost giving birth to a new chapter of my life.

I’m a pretty private person, and without going into a lot of depth, I have been feeling really disconnected lately. This disconnection is a lot more than just feeling out of sorts. I’ve felt dragged down, like I wasn’t on the right path, like everything I’ve believed for the last twenty some odd years was a lie. See, I was starting to think too much, and not feel. Is there an issue with thinking too much? Yes, I think there is. There’s a difference in knowing the truth and thinking. The mind is only one part of our body, and for so long I always felt there were things the mind could never know that the heart already did. These are the feelings of what is right and what is wrong with your mental health, or with your surroundings. I’ve missed the magic in every day life, the magic that my heart knows is there, but my mind says can’t be. But now that this spring is here, and the gentle breeze is blowing in a warm thunder storm, I see the magic in the ordinary, and I can feel it along my skin.

I’ve always felt like everything is connected, one to another. That we all share the same universal energy, and when we die we return to that energy. As of late, those feelings have gone away, but now they are back, and I feel so amazing knowing that I can feel the spring in my mind and soul, just as well as I can bask in it physically.

Anyway, back to researching! Have a great week.

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