Mad Max Fury Road Review


mad max fury road

I was so excited to see Mad Max Fury Road. I’ve never watched the original Mad Max movies, but I’d heard a lot about them, and I was absolutely thrilled they were making a new one. So, when my sister asked if I wanted to go to the drive in and see a double feature of San Andreas and Mad Max, I was all over that car seat. But now, after having seen it, I wish I could go back in time and tell my past self not to waste your damn money. Well, honestly it was only $4, but still, it seemed like a pretty big waste. Oh, and lost sleep.


There was very little good that I saw in this Mad Max Fury Road. The best part, I would say, was watching Nicholas Hoult because I think he’s pretty damn fine. The other part of this movie that was superb? Watching all of the cars leave the theater during the movie. Seriously about 5 cars left within the first few minutes.


Where to start? As I said, I’ve never seen the Mad Max movies, so that might have been part of the unwarranted high expectations. So we have this dystopian future where gasoline is a pretty rare commodity but we have tons of vehicles driving all around as well as people using weapons like chainsaws and the like. We have these white people with black eyelids (I’m assuming is engine grease since they seem to revere cars) called Warboys and they are all about dying. If they die, they go to Valhalla, so they want to go out gloriously. Oh, and before they die, for whatever reason, they “chrome” their mouth and teeth. Yep, they totally spray paint the shit out of their grill. Oh, and we also must not understand blood types, or we have a lot of universal donors in this dystopian future because it seems like a lot of people are compatible for blood transfusions.


mad max fury road guitarist

Um . . . yea that happened. -.-

Tom Hardy didn’t have to learn many lines at all for the first half of the movie since his vocabulary was on par with a neanderthal. He didn’t talk as much as grunted and groaned and cleared his throat. The jerky filming was another thing that kinda pissed me off. The people moved in some kind of weird staccato fashion that I think we were supposed to think was cool, but I thought was just fucking stupid. And the absolute, dumbest thing with Mad Max Fury Road HAD to be the fucking vehicular rock band. Seriously, the bad guy brought along this truck who’s sole purpose was to carry a guitarist and drummers. The guitarist looked like he really loves AC/DC and was kicking his legs around and screaming while his guitar spurted fire. Maybe his playing mobilized the vehicle, I don’t know. It was dumb.

So yea, not really impressed with Mad Max Fury Road, but I know a lot of people loved it. What do I love? This awesome comparison of Mad Max Fury Road and Mario Kart.


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