Let them Eat! Mars One and #LettuceonMars


Thankfully, now we know those people going up to Mars in 2025 on the Mars One mission will be able to eat something! #LettuceonMars is a project that seeks to feed the budding colony. I’m sure this is just part of the process of getting people up on Mars, but don’t you think Mars One should have kinda planned to get other things on Mars before people? Like “hey, we’re going to send people up there!” “What will they eat?” “That’s not important. What’s important is we get people on Mars!” And then everyone else scrambles to figure out exactly what people will need to live on Mars.

Travis Simmons, bloger, blogging, popular blogs, blog search, blogs, blog, blogg, best blog sites, blogger, funny observations, rant, funny blogs, Mars, Mars One, #LettuceonMars, science fiction, space travelDon’t get me wrong. I love the idea of colonizing Mars. I get so excited when I think about it. Seriously, if you stop to really think about living on Mars (besides the hardships) you will realize those people will have kids. The point is to colonize Mars, and that is part of it. So, these people will be popping out babies. And these babies will be aliens to us. These babies will be Martians. So, some mother of a Mars One traveler could one day have an alien grand child. Crazy, right?

Okay, so we already know that one of the hardships of living on Mars is going to be the atmosphere. without terraforming technology, these people are essentially going to live in bio-domes. They won’t be able to go out onto their planet without a protective suit, so most of their living will happen inside their buildings. This even means agriculture. But how would they do that without soil to use?

Suzanna Lucarotti has gone on record saying (and this comes as a complete freaking surprise to me, I mean, Earthlings haven’t tried this before? pfft) “To live on other planets, we need to grow food there. No one has ever actually done this and we intend to be the first,”


Travis Simmons, bloger, blogging, popular blogs, blog search, blogs, blog, blogg, best blog sites, blogger, funny observations, rant, funny blogs, Mars, Mars One, #LettuceonMars, science fiction, space travelSo if everything goes according to plan, greenhouses and lettuce seeds would be sent up to the Red Planet as early as 2018. Other structures and heating elements would be sent up there as well so that our minion robots could build a settlement for the first arrivals. Which, it’s pretty interesting when you think that Mars is the only known planet to be inhabited completely by robots. (jots that idea down).

So, if you’re like me (you sick bastard) you like to imagine the full scope. And sometimes chuckle at the “cons” of projects. Here’s some nifty pros and cons of living on Mars!


Microgravity on Mars would cause bone and muscle wasting without proper exercise and nutrition, which would suck for me since the only exercise I tend to get is tapping on a keyboard.

Ionizing Radiation can cause many issues such as cancer, cataracts, and death. So far, we don’t have anything that can eliminate it, and sometimes the radiation would be worse than others. See, on Earth we have a lot of protections against that. Mars is pretty much shit in that regards.

One way ticket. Of course, the wayfarers know that. Since we don’t have the technology to launch a ship from Mars back to Earth, these new Martians will have to make this work since we couldn’t do a rescue mission.


New home because who gives a fuck about saving Earth when you can just go to a new place?

Stepping stone for exploration apparently we can’t just develop a super cool spaceship to go out into space, we need to contaminate other planets with the scourge of humanity. But, it does help us develop our technologies further.

Tons of new natural resources because we can’t fathom living on a place and not exploiting it.

Wait, are these pros or cons? Anyway, though this article sounds all “poo poo on the Mars One mission” I’m really excited about it. And by God, let them eat #LettuceonMars

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