Labor Day BBQ Monsters and Food Babies

So, the family and I celebrated Labor Day yesterday, and for the entire week leading up to the “last BBQ of the Summer” we couldn’t remember if it was Labor Day or Memorial Day. As I’m writing this, I’m still not completely sure if today is Labor Day or Memorial Day. Whoops. But, whatever holiday it was that we were observing yesterday, it was amazeballs.

It was one of the biggest BBQ’s we’d ever had, and I swear I now have a five-year-old sized food-baby in my belly. I just couldn’t get enough, I ate until I had to almost lay down in my chair. I ate like Cookie Monster, you know, if he actually ate anything he put in his gob, and ate BBQ instead of cookies, but yea. OH, except there was chocolate chip pie. That was to die for, and I nearly did because I ate a crap ton of it.

I had so much food that I’m pretty sure I developed my own gravitational pull and flies were sucked into orbit around me. What makes one eat so much at Labor Day (Memorial Day?) BBQs? Does anyone else eat so much they feel like they are going to burst? Or is that just me?

But if it’s Labor Day, then why am I working? O.o

Share some of your Labor Day funness with me! I’d love to hear about all the food you ate, and if you’re suffering from a food hangover of your own!

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