What Kills me. People are People.

Black. White. Gay. Straight. Male. Female. Fat. Thin. Labels, that’s all they are, and yet some people let it control their lives. Some people place so much hatred and anger on one label that they will do anything to eradicate it. I don’t understand the hatred. I don’t understand the fear. It makes me angry to think that one person can hate another just because of something trivial.

“It’s not okay to be gay.” Alright, it’s not okay to be an asshole, but I don’t bark at your front door, do I? People need to clean off their own front porch before they go yammering about someone else’s.

If you’re atheist, that’s okay. If you’re an atheist that infringes on another person’s right to religion, that’s not okay. If you’re religious that’s okay. If you’re religious and you force your beliefs on another person or harm another because of those beliefs, that’s not okay. If I want to sit down on a Saturday night and eat an entire pizza that’s none of your business. When does it become your business? If it’s your pizza! If I want to sit down on a Monday night and worship some ancient Pagan God, that’s none of your business. When is it your business? If I start sacrificing harmless people and children in the name of that God. Or your cat.

Don’t like gay marriages, don’t get one. If gay marriage is ruining your marriage, then I’m sorry, but that only means one of you is gay. The fact that gay people can marry doesn’t impact your marriage at all. If you’re letting it impact your marriage, you have issues. Are you going to suddenly wake up one morning and realize that your marriage isn’t as special because it’s not meant for a select group any longer? If so, I think you got married for the wrong reason.

Are you at a restaurant and it pisses you off that a heavy person is eating beside you? I’m sorry to tell you, you might be an asshole, and it’s not their fault at all that they bother you because of their weight. You’re walking down the street and feel the need to check over your shoulder because there are black people walking behind you and you’re afraid they might try something? Do us all a favor and stay home, you’re probably more of a danger to them than they are to you.

Offended by this post? That’s probably because something in it strikes a little too close to home. You should probably see someone about that.

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3 comments on “What Kills me. People are People.
  1. Clara Bush says:

    Yes. Yes. Yes! Great post. Well said.

  2. Clara Bush says:

    Just watched the video. Made me cry.

    • I loved the video. It was so heartbreaking. I know a lot of people are going to think it’s a stab at religion, when I don’t take it that way at all. I see this as a cry to notice the hypocrisy that exists in so many people. <3 So glad you liked it!

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