Keeping Christ in Christmas and the War on Christmas

So I don’t normally post stuff like this on my blog because I try not to get into religion or politics or anything of the sort. I like to think this is a place where you can come and be entertained and have some fun. However, in the last few years there’s a growing trend that’s really pissing me off.

Christ in Christmas

The War on Christmas

The “War on Christmas” seems to be going strong by all those people who are adamant to keep Christ in Christmas by saying Merry Christmas and insisting that others say it as well, even if they aren’t Christian. So, how are they keeping Christ in Christmas? By being abrasive? By being aggressive? By using the holiday cheer to attack? It certainly seems that they aren’t keeping Christ in Christmas at all. So, I’ve put together a nice little post for everyone who truly wants to do something Christ-like (or if you’re not Christian, and just want to do something selfless) this holiday season.


VISIT THE ELDERLY. When I worked in long-term-care I was astounded by the amount of elderly people in nursing homes and other care facilities that had no one to go to for the holidays. Either they didn’t have family nearby, they didn’t have any family left alive, or (sadly) they didn’t have family who wanted them for the holidays. Go visit them! Buy them a gift, go hang out and chat with them. Older people have great stories to tell that might really open your eyes to what life is like for other people. Plus, giving to them and sharing even an hour with them during the holidays will bring more cheer to them than you could ever imagine.

TOYS FOR TOTS. There are tons of kids all over America that don’t have any gifts to open on Christmas. I know, there are tons of other problems in the world that this seems really trivial, but for a kid this means a lot. Stop by an angel tree or do a toy drive and give to the kids in your area!

DONATE TIME AT A SOUP KITCHEN. Or donate food to a soup kitchen. Spend time with the homeless either serving them or helping them in some way. And this holiday season when you’re running around buying all your trinkets and doodads, don’t pass them by! By them a meal! Give them gift certificates to McDonalds or some other restaurant where they can go for a time and have a nice meal and keep warm.

HOLIDAY MAIL FOR HEROES. Participate with the Red Cross and show your support to our military by sending them cards of holiday cheer while they’re over seas. Also ask if there’s anything you can send them like sweets, socks, anything they might like that they don’t normally get that they’re allowed to have. You can find out more here.

PAY IT FORWARD. When you’re in line at your favorite coffee shop or fast food joint, why don’t you pick up the tab for the person behind you? This is a great way to brighten someone’s day and maybe get their mind off their own worries and troubles.

ORGANIZE A FUNDRAISER. Doesn’t matter for what! Get out there and start collecting money for a good cause be it an animal shelter or a local homeless shelter!

DONATE. Donate old jackets, old clothes, whatever you can’t use but it’s still in good condition. Be sure that you’re giving to good places too.

USE YOUR BUSINESS! If you run a business, why not use your platform to help draw awareness to a cause you support?

VISIT AN OLD NEIGHBOR. Or an old friend, or relatives! Make them dinner or stop by for coffee and just catch up!

There are tons of things you can do to keep Christ in Christmas, or just be selfless and nice this holiday season. Get out there and spread the love and the well wishes, not the hate. And for goodness sake, think of others this year! Don’t be afraid to be nice. If you see an old person who’s having trouble loading their car, help them! If there’s someone in a motorized cart who can’t reach something on a shelf help them! If there’s a child that needs just a couple more dollars to buy a gift for their mother, HELP THEM! I know it can be scary sometimes to do nice things, but if someone gets upset at you for being a good person, then they’re the asshole, not you!

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