Gathering Blue

I gave Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry three stars. There was just something about this book, it certainly didn’t live up to the story in The Giver. I know it is a young adult book, but a lot of the mystery was pretty transparent.

Gathering BlueKira is a young girl who’s lost her father, and when the book opens, is losing her mother. She is also a girl with a disability, and when the town she lives in requires that everyone pull their weight, Kira is looking at possible exile from the town, and to the fields where the dead are taken to pass from this world to the next. But there seems to be more in store for her, because Kira can embroider with a skill that is supernatural. She can feel the threads, and they can tell stories through her. She is able to know the truth of situations through a swatch she carries, something she sewed when her mother was on her deathbed.

All in all it was a good story. Lois seemed to try to put in mystery, but it was pretty transparent. The characters were fun, and the story read fast. There was even mention in this book to the boy from The Giver, but I couldn’t be sure if it was the same boy or not because all they mentioned was the color of his eyes.


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