Friday Update

So lately I’ve been pretty lazy busy with the holidays. I’ve been active on Facebook (what, you don’t follow me there? Why?) but I haven’t been active here. If you don’t follow me on Facebook, here’s what you’ve missed.

  • How much I love wine and Star Trek Voyager
  • Sarcastic observance
  • Sarcastic observance
  • How much I love rum
  • More sarcasm

If you don’t follow me on twitter, here’s what you’ve missed:

Oh, look, I’m just as lazy on twitter as I am here!

Anyway, there’s some pretty awesome news: The Complete Revenant Wyrd Saga is going to be a thing, and it’s going to be a thing really freaking soon. So, that’s awesome. Normally I don’t write dedications for my books. Why? Because I’m lazy I always forget and I write to damned fast. This time, however, I wrote a really nice dedication.

“There are people that come into our lives and show us that warriors do exist. They are brave in the face of adversity. They are loving in the face of hatred. They are forgiving when they shouldn’t be. They support us when we’ve lost the will to support ourselves. They continue fighting, putting one foot before the other when most people would give up and sit down. They may not face demons and dragons and trolls like warriors in great fantasy books, but in their own way, the illnesses and personal demons they struggle with are just as overbearing and malevolent as any goblin or ghoul. I’ve had the good fortune to know and love many warriors in my life.

I dedicate this anthology to my father, Edward Simmons, my mother Yvonne Simmons, and my aunts Penny Tresidder and Eleanor Jeanette.”

So, I will let you all know when The Complete Revenant Wyrd Saga comes out. It should be awesome! And now, I leave you with a fun video for your Friday!

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