Flash Fiction ~ The Nix

NixCome to my shore weary traveler and I will give you rest.

Drawn to the banks by my evil song, test the waters, let me lure you to the depths of my domicile. I will show you the wonders of these murky depths, enthralling your senses deranging your innocence. My voice is like heaven, my resolve like hell. Forever you will stay with me, your flesh sloughing from your bones in the stagnant below.

You thought me a dream, but your heart veiled your eyes to the truth. I am but a nightmare from which you can never wake. I will hold you down, drink in your fear like a sweet wine. Your bones will break, your lungs will burn, and I will take my first sweet taste of your essence.

No more dreaming. You had convinced yourself I was something I wasn’t and now the price shall be paid in flesh.

Covet my form and I shall compromise yours, crave my flesh and I shall consume you!

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