Five things I’d Use Magic For

It might sound silly, and I’m sure I would get tons of backlash from the wizarding world if I used magic for everyday things, but hey, Molly Weasley did, right? I think having magic would greatly improve my life. There are tons of things I really despise doing, and I would use magic on every single one of them. For instance:


I really despise doing dishes. I have a really low tolerance for heat, so working with really hot water makes my skin SCREAM in agony. Of course, I’m also a germ-Phoebe, so I worry that I’m not getting the dishes clean enough. This typically runs me into washing the dishes and then putting them through the dishwasher to kill those germs I missed. Just imagine how much easier this would all be with magic? I could just keep writing while my magic scoured the dishes for me, getting rid of all the germs and bacteria that makes my skin crawl! Problem solved.


Now, this might fall in similar with dishes, but I really don’t like cleaning either. BUT I really hate having a messy house. Sometimes I make my brain hurt. With magic, the issue would nearly solve itself. I could just expend a little magic every day and the house would be sparkling, the laundry done, the trash taken out etc. Bippity Boppity Boo!


Inevitably, I would probably lean a little to the dark side. Ever been driving and there’s NO ONE behind you, but that car just NEEDS to turn out in front of you, traveling ten miles an hour SLOWER than you, making you take your cruise control off? What are they thinking! Why on Earth do they need to do that. It really makes you think the universe is just OUT to piss in your Cheerios as often as it can. Is there some being conspiring against you? Enter magic! With a swipe of my hand, I could bat them off the side of the road and continue on my merry way. I might even toot at them as I pass by! This works equally well with people on cell phones when they’re driving. People applying makeup while they drive. People who talk in the movie theater (go all Ursula on them and steal their voice!) or anyone else that pisses you off!


I’m pretty sure this one is self explanatory, right? Just think what you could do with this crap!


So, yea. There’s an issue with money. The main issue? I don’t have any! With magic, I would have all of the money. I don’t need a lot, just enough for a nice life. You know, that means kind of a lot, right?

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