When I was fourteen I started writing the ideas for a story I named The Calling of the Two. It had a couple great characters, some pretty awesome action, and a really epic storyline. In fact, the storyline was a little too epic for me to understand at that time. In my early twenties I realized The Calling of the Two wasn’t the beginning, instead there was another story, with two other characters that happened at least a thousand years before The Calling of the Two.

The moment I thought of their names (Angelica and Jovian) I was bombarded with a story so in depth and so complex that I had to take a break from work and write it all down. It wasn’t just the plot that was dumped into my brain, but the details of the end of the series as well.

Over the next ten years I worked on the first and second book. But now I realize there are just too many stories floating around in my head for me to keep dragging this one series, The Revenant Wyrd Saga, out any longer, and it must come to a close. I’m writing the last book now. In fact, I’ve written the ending scenes, the ones I saw in my head all those years ago, and it’s magnificent.

But as I finalize the last cover today, I’m filled with a couple different emotions: sadness and relief. Relief because I’m seeing the end of something that has been the work of over a decade. Sadness for the same reason.

March will see the sixth, and final, book of the series The Turquoise Tower written. April will start the six month long blog tour covering all the books, and the four months of releases, so maybe, like with the death of a loved one, I won’t even notice the series is over with until long after “The End” has been scribed on the final page.

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