Fantasy News: Suicide Cast Revealed


So it’s coming. DC is making a big break onto the silver screen to join Marvel. I’m a long time Marvel fan, but that’s mainly from when I was a kid. Now I’m pretty much stoked whenever I see a new superhero movie coming out, because they are pretty awesome. I’m particularly excited about the coming Suicide Squad movie.

Suicide Squad1

When I was a kid, I really liked the Joker. Probably because he seemed to be the ultimate bad guy. Now that I’m older, I’m pretty infatuated with Harley Quinn. Why? Well, because if you haven’t noticed, I tend to like stronger females, and she seems to be that. She’s kinda crazy, and I think crazy makes for a good villain. But, looking at the pictures of the new Suicide Squad movie coming, I can’t help but feel as though we are being let down.

It might just be me, but it seems like tons of fans have been waiting for Harley to make a cameo. It seemed like the announcement of Harley Quinn in this movie got a lot of hype around the internet, and then when they showed the costume, it wasn’t really that great.

I mean, this is what I was expecting:

Harley Quinn

And this is what we are getting:

Suicide Squad 2

Am I the only one a little let down? I hope the acting is great and the movie rocks. I just wish the people looked a little more on par with what we have been getting from Batman. What do you guys think? Do you think the movie will be awesome like I hope?

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