Fantasy Movie Review: Ragnarok

Fantasy Movie Review: Ragnarok

fantasy ragnarokDespite the fact that the cover for this movie looks like the next epic Disney release, Ragnarok is a much darker fantasy story. Well, what’s it about? The archaeologist father who has found evidence that Vikings have been in an area where they were never thought to be in before. He believes that Ragnarok isn’t exactly a myth, but something that’s happened before and that the relics that have been found point to a place where this event has happened.

If you know anything about my fantasy books (shameless plugging here, don’t mind me) you know that I love Norse mythology. If you’ve been following my writing you know that my newest release “The Harbingers of Light” is a kind of retelling of Ragnarok in my own way. To say that I’m infatuated with Ragnarok is an understatement (though I don’t profess to be an expert on the topic).

Now, Ragnarok was a pretty good movie. If you don’t like reading your movies, stay away from it as it’s subtitled. But that’s never bothered me before.

As far as fantasy movies go, Ragnarok had a lot going on, and I rather enjoyed it, despite some of what you’re about to read.

The Bad of Ragnarok

The worst dad of the year award goes to our main character, Sigurd. He’s a single father who seems to love his work more than his children. His children want to go away for a nice summer vacation and he’s all like “Hey, yea, let’s go to this place that’s probably pretty dangerous instead. Don’t worry, I will con you into thinking there will be a lot of swimming in fun, but the truth is I know next to nothing about this island. Instead of swimming there’s a good chance that you will be repelling down into caves, zip-lining across monster infested water, and nearly dying.” Of course he couldn’t have known all of that when the movie started, but he’s still a douche for loving his work more than his kids. But I will hand it to the guy, he has really epic freaking hair. I mean, seriously, I loved his hair!

fantasy ragnarok

I mean look at his freaking hair!


Besides the father, there was a lot of really strange parts in the movie. Actually, not strange parts so much as strange dialogue. The guy that’s in his mid twenties who says he’s been looking for a break like this for his entire life. I’m assuming he means his professional career, which is probably only about three years at the time he said this. Then there’s the child that tells his father it’s hard being a single parent and that he needs to start dating more women (after having lost his mother). And then there’s the woman who says family isn’t her thing, but steps right in as a mother to the kids. I mean, maybe she saw how piss poor Sigurd was doing with his kids that she figured someone had to protect them!

Oh, and it really didn’t have anything to do with Ragnarok.

The Good of Ragnarok

So, despite my rather scathing points above, I did really like the movie. I can’t really go into all of what I liked here because I don’t want to give too much away. It was darker than I anticipated; there were tense moments and there was a Midgard Serpent, which was pretty awesome. If you haven’t watched it yet, I encourage you to do so. It’s a four star fantasy movie for sure!

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