Fantasy Movie News! Indiana Jones welcomes Chris Pratt?

Is Chris Pratt the next Indiana Jones? Fantasy News!

Is Indiana Jones considered fantasy? Not really sure. I kinda think it is. But anyway, there’s a rumor going around Hollywood that Chris Pratt could be the next Indie, and that makes me happy!

Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones

With the fourth installment of Indiana Jones, it was pretty evident that they were setting Shia Lebouf up to be the next Indiana Jones, and that made me sad. I don’t specifically have anything against Shia, but I really want a lot more Indiana Jones movies, and people don’t really care for Shia.

TMZ thinks they caught him admitting it, but the video seems a little strange. There is a point after he’s asked to sign the Indiana Jones picture where he says it’s strange to sign it when he doesn’t know. So it does sound like he’s in the talks. And that’s really exciting.

I love the old Indiana Jones movies. I love Harrison Ford. I have to admit to having a slight crush on Harrison Ford circa Indiana Jones. I also have to admit that Chris Pratt would definitely fit the bill of eye candy for Indie. And let’s face it, in Guardians of the Galaxy he did seem to be a pretty big goof ball like Indiana Jones, so I think he could fit the hat.

But what do you think? Chris Pratt as the next Indiana Jones, or Shia Lebouf?

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2 comments on “Fantasy Movie News! Indiana Jones welcomes Chris Pratt?
  1. Miguel Gutierrez says:

    Are we pretending that Indiana Jones: Crystal Skull never happened? Because I can do that. Chris Pratt has the attitude that can be adhere to Indie, so I am all for it.

    • I agree, watching him in Guardians of the Galaxy reinforced the fact that he’d be perfect for Indie! So glad they scrapped the Shia plans. I liked the Crystal Skull, but probably because of the weird ending and Cate Blanchette lol.

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