Fantasy Books Review: The Eye of the World

Fantasy Books Review: The Eye of the World

the wheel of time

Some of you may know that I’ve created a reading bucket list. On this list is all the fantasy books I’ve wanted to read since I was younger along with some newer ones that sound compelling. One of the larger fantasy series on that list is The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.

The Eye of the World

I read The Eye of the World when I was younger. Actually, I read up to The Fires of Heaven when I was younger. How much do I remember? Absolutely nothing except that the men were pig headed and the women all acted like the men were very simple minded. I didn’t like the main character because I couldn’t relate to Rand at all. Now that I’m older, I can understand more where Rand is coming from and why he’s so worried that women will use him for their ends.

So, when we start The Eye of the World, it’s in a small village called Emonds Field. It’s the celebration of spring, even though winter is still holding on with a pretty steadfast grip. There’s a pretty epic monster attack on the village, and it sees our main characters Rand, Mat, and Perrin escaping with a magic wielder that no one trusts. As the story progresses we learn there was a reason behind the monster attack and that our three boys might not be as simple as we once thought.

There was a lot of things that I liked about The Eye of the World. Mostly the world building was pretty epic. I do enjoy the characters, and you do see a lot of growth there. The pace was pretty fast as far as story, even if the book did drag in some parts. What didn’t I like? Well, I didn’t like how every single woman was fiery and made men cower. I also didn’t enjoy all of the description at every turn of the book.

All in all, I would give The Eye of the World four stars!

And for fun, I found this online. Enjoy!

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