Fantasy Books Review: Hexed by Kevin Hearne 4 Stars


kevin hearne hexed fantasy booksAlright, let me say that I’ve read Hounded by Kevin Hearne, and fell in love with his way of painting an incredible image in his fantasy books. I was very excited to start reading Hexed. I was in love with Atticus, I was in love with the story, I loved Oberon. There was so much love, how could this book have garnered a four star review?

Well, keep in mind I read this book a while ago. Several months to be exact, so my brain is a little foggy on all of the details. In this installment, we got to see witches in action. I love stories with witches. But this left a little something to be desired. I think the biggest issue this book had was too much happening. I never thought I would say that about a book, but there was really a lot happening in this book. Almost too much. I often found myself a little confused on what story line I was following because there seemed to be so many wrapped up between the covers.

But Atticus didn’t disappoint. Neither did Oberon or the shenanigans they both got into. I love the story about this iron druid, and I can’t wait to read more of his fantasy books. I just really think there was a lot that needed to be wrapped up from the last book (as far as left over damage control) that Kevin just couldn’t ignore, but it made the book a little jumbled.

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