Fantasy Books release!: A Lament of Moonlight by Travis Simmons

Fantasy Books release!: A Lament of Moonlight by Travis Simmons

So Tuesday night something amazing happened. I’ve released another installment of my Harbingers of Light fantasy series: A Lament of Moonlight I’ve been writing fantasy books now for a while, and normally I just go along and don’t really pay attention to my professional accomplishments. I chat with my fans, and I write my books and I hope something sticks and I become the next George RR Martin. Spoiler alert: that hasn’t happened yet.

So how is this publication amazing? Well, I hadn’t really been paying attention until I started thinking about it when I went to bed. A Lament of Moonlight is the tenth book I’ve released. To me that’s pretty cool. I’d like to say amazing, but I’m not that jazzed about it. It is, however, a pretty awesome achievement, especially since I’ve only started taking writing serious as a business in the last couple years.

So how I did I come up with the idea for this series? I honestly can’t remember, but like with must of my fantasy books, it probably happened when I was outside on some evening looking up at the moon and feeling the warm breeze. I really like warm evenings, they tend to bring about some pretty awesome ideas. So these fantasy books bridge a lot of my interests, primarily mythology. When I was a kid I was much more into Greek mythology than I was Norse. Now I feel a really strong pull toward Norse mythology, especially their end times myth of Ragnarok. The Harbingers of Light is my interpretation of that event.

So what is A Lament of Moonlight about? Well, it’s book three of the fantasy series.

ALOMebooksmallerThey say the shadow plague comes at night, carried into the realms by mindless darklings. They feed on innocence. They spread their plague of shadows through the land. They say there’s no cure for the shadow plague, except burning in the sacred fires.

Since catching the shadow plague, Abagail Bauer is in danger of becoming a mindless darkling bent on the destruction of everything good and pure in the nine worlds. Joined by her sister who can divine the future and her neighbor Rorick Kueper, Abagail sets off across the Rainbow Bridge for help in learning to control the darkling magic poisoning her.

Hunted by darklings, Abagail and her crew flee toward the Frozen North, the home of the frost giants. Will the harbingers of light rescue Abagail before the darklings overcome her group? Will she finally learn to control the sorcery of the shadow plague, or is she destined to become that which she fears most: a darkling?

So, yea, it would be awesome if you bought it here and made me tons of money 😛

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