Fantasy Book Review: Night Falls by Joseph Eastwood


Night Falls by Joseph EastwoodI was dead. No, I was dying. My last memory were the blinding headlights of a lorry.

I told myself, if only I’d listened, if only I’d stayed. But it was too late. The night had won. The fight was over.

That’s not the beginning. Far from it, my story began in a small town up North, in Lancashire, a tiny place called South Hill. A place where I was just a seventeen-year-old and the words vampire, werewolf, and witch were creations of fiction.



Alright, so first of all, get a load of that cover! Anyone who follows me regularly knows I have a huge obsession for awesome covers. Part of the reason I bought this book was because of the cover. No, seriously. And I was intrigued by the idea of witches and vampires and werewolves. So the book is definitely more a young adult reading level, which I knew going into it so that’s cool, and let’s face it, young adult books are pretty awesome. We meet Brandon who has no idea of another world just beneath the surface of the life he’s been living until one night a random girl shows up claiming to be his cousin. But he doesn’t have any cousins, right? Wrong. Brandon is cast into a world of shadows that he never knew about, and the quest to find a loved one he never knew existed.


I liked the writing style and the quick flow of the story. I also liked the depth of the world we were introduced to, and how it was slightly reminiscent of Harry Potter.


The bad has nothing to do with the writing and everything to do with the secrecy of the family Brandon is meeting for the first time. Everyone shirks his questions and pushes it off on someone else to answer, while that other person doesn’t want to answer it and glazes over the issues and questions at hand. I wanted to slap the literal shit out of some people while reading this book.


I give Night Falls four stars. I enjoyed it enough that I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and quick read with fantastical creatures and ghoulish delights!

You can buy it here!

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