Dragonriders of Pern

DragonflightThrough the years I’ve started this book several times and never finished it. That’s not a reflection on the book, but I think rather a reflection on me, and the age in which I was reading them. Until recently I didn’t really care for sci-fi, but now I’m kind of in love with it.

And this book was great. I’ve come to several of the topics in this book on my own, without reading the series. I’ve been interested in the idea of paspermia for a while, and here we find it beautifully detailed in the Red Star and the Threads it showers down on Pern.

Dragonflight is a book about the world of Pern that is plagued every couple hundred years by an ominous Red Star that passes overhead, showering spores through the atmosphere. These spores (called Thread) burrow into the ground, killing all vegetation unless they are destroyed before they can do a lot of damage. In times past there were 6 strongholds of dragons and dragonmen who battled the Thread in the sky with the fire they can breath. But it’s been four hundred years since the last time the Thread has fallen and the people of Pern think the dragons and their riders are nothing but freeloaders and not worth keeping around. After all, Thread is probably just a myth, right?

Wrong. The Red Star is coming, and in the north black dust has been falling from the sky. With only one stronghold left, and less than a tenth of the numbers needed to fend off the Thread from destroying the world of Pern, what can they do? They are ill equipped to face the threat.

No spoilers, but it’s an awesome read. Check it out!

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